Imagine Nation Scripts Released!

Missing Imagine Nation?  There is hope!  We have decided to release the core code and scripts for Imagine Nation with all the core changes and modifications that have been made.  We’ve even included a link for the world saves with all the quests, spawns and events already in place! Note: Accounts and player data are …

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Upcoming Changes

After a lull in recent development, we’ve got some plans on the table:    We plan on developing Quests in Jhelom to create a quest-hub for RP-related playstyles. To keep interest up during the lack of normal PVP events, there are now Open Duels in the arena!  Get your free practice in now! We’re also …

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Upcoming PvP changes

The moment is finally here! After weeks of hard work by the staff and players the PvP patch is ready and will be applied this Sunday. We’ve worked hard to create new diversity, faster action and better balance all whilst maintaining the Sphere .51a fighting style. We hope the new system will be more fun, …

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200 players!!

Wow, today we hit the 200 players online mark! It’s pretty damn amazing going from 100-200 players in just 2 weeks. As always, keep bringing your friends and their friends here and we will grow even bigger and have even more fun! Go Imagine Nation!  

160 players!

In just 1 week we went from peaking at 100 players to peaking at 160 players! It’s amazing! Keep inviting new players and spread the word and we will soon hit the 200 mark! Wooot!

100 online!

100 players!!

We did it!! Today we had over 100 logged in players! I was pretty sure we would get 100 players online but I didn’t think we would actually manage it this weekend. You’re all great guys and I hope everyone will stick around! We’re here for the long run! As promised I will extend the …

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Lonely Hearts Weekend (skillboost)

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we thought we would also do something nice for all the singles out there. Starting Friday 10th at 8pm server time GMT+1/UTC+1 (2pm EST) and ending on Monday 13th 6am server time (midnight EST) skills will be up to twice as fast to train!  Let’s try get 100 players …

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Valentines Day Petal Hunt

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! To have some fun with it, I’ve added a Valentines Day event vendor to the Festival Grounds*, and starting now, you can find Roses of Trinsic spawning in and around Trinsic.  Find these and pick their petals as they are what will be used to buy rewards! Other events offering petals …

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Our playerbase is growing!

Last night we peaked at 63 players online and the last week we have had a stable playerbase of 45-50 clients online at all times. This is great news and means we are growing more and more every day. I recently purchased a “Site of the moment” spot at Top200 for donation money which will …

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