Young status

For a more comfortable experience when joining our shard new players will get the “Young” status which can be seen by the [Young] tag after their name. This status grants them certain privileges but also has some limations.

A player is consider “Young” if:

  • Total game time for all the characters on the account is less than 60 hours.
  • The total skill on each of the characters on the account is less than 1000.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Young players can’t be harmed by other players but they can’t harm other players either.
  • Monsters in the world will not attack young players unless attacked first (except for certain quest monsters and all monsters in dungeons).
  • Young players will not be affected by field spells but can’t cast them either.
  • On death young players will get teleported to the nearest healer
  • They will also keep all their items when they die.
  • Young players can choose to go to Britain bank anytime they want through the help menu.
  • If a young player kills a monster noone else can loot it unless they are in the same party. However, young players can’t loot corpses that were killed by someone else unless they are in the same party as well. After 2 minutes have passed anyone can loot any corpse.
  • Young players can logout instantly in most unguarded areas.
  • Young players can’t snoop or steal from players or steal from NPC’s.

Getting rid of the young status

There are three ways to loose the young status.  Once you lose it by any of these methods, it affects all characters on your account, not just the character that you’re on when it is lost.

  1. The total game time of all the characters on the account is more than 60 hours.
  2. The total skill level on any character on the account is more than 1000.
  3. By saying “I renounce my young player status” without the quotes.

New player ticket

When young players start out they get a “young player ticket” in their bank which can be used to get some nice gifts. To use it you have to click it and then target another ticket that someone else owns. When you do that both you and the owner of the other ticket will get a gump where you can choose your gift. If you cancel you have to get your ticket back and find another player to “trade” with. You have the following gifts to choose from:

  • Talking Parrot – Teach it to speak!
  • Lord Blackthorne action figure – Who didn’t want one of these as a child?
  • Magic Crystal Ball – For when in doubt, ask the magic crystal ball!
  • Wand of Fireworks – For that special occasion!
  • A deck of tarot poker cards – Win some money from your friends.