Skill Rewards

Since some skills are pretty hard to gain here on Imagine Nation, we want to reward those that put the time and effort into grandmastering those skills. All items are newbied and you will get to choose your own name and color for them.

GM Alchemy Mortar and Pestle Mortar & Pestle
GM Blacksmithy Smith’s Hammer Smith's Hammer
GM Bowcrafting Bow Bow
GM Carpentry Tool of choice HammerInshaveSawDraw knifeFroe
GM Inscription Scribe’s Pen Scribe's Pen
GM Lumberjack Hatchet Hatchet
GM Magery Spellbook Spellbook
GM Mining Pickaxe Pickaxe
GM Tailoring Custom clothing dye tub Dye tub
GM Taming Crook Crook
GM Thieving (hiding,
stealth, snooping, 
Cloak Cloak
GM Bard (music,
provocation, peace-
making, discordance)
Instrument of
Drums Harp Lapharp Lute Tambourine Tambourine Tassel

10000 fame *

(see note below)

Neutral / Order /
Chaos shield*
Order shield Chaos shieldNeutral Shield





















*Fame Shield Details:

  • Purchasable for 25,000 gold from the vendor in the Golden Casino
  • You can purchase the shield at any level of fame
  • You can only equip the shield for the first time if you have 10,000 fame
  • Once you have equipped the shield once, you can always equip it
  • You must be in the corresponding guild to equip the shield (Chaos/Order/Neutral)
  • The shield is not renamed or recolored, but it can be dyed with a dye tub