Why Should I Play UO on Imagine Nation?

NOTE: This server has been closed and this text is only meant to help those that want to create their own server with our scripts and files.


Imagine Nation has a huge number of features and events that make playing here an unforgettable experience. Old members and new will love it. This list is but a sampling of the excitement that is waiting for you inside Imagine Nation.


Stats : 300 Total Stat Cap; up to 120 in a single Stat

Skills : No Skill Cap; gains are based on repetition

Custom Patching System : No more messing with files; our IN Patcher will keep you always up to date and lets you install lots of useful addons as well!

The Golden Casino – A gambler’s paradise.

  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • BlackJack
  • Lottery Ticket System
  • Dice Guessing Games
  • Grog-Drinking Competitions
  • Slot Machines



In addition to the normal house deeds, you can use the custom house designing tool to create your home any way you like! 

If that’s not enough creative license for you, you can create your own static using RunUO and UOArchitect, then give us the customized file.  We will load that file into the world whereever you want it, then freeze it in place for you.

Also, Tier 3 donators can have a custom house designed by the staff team built to fit their needs and desires!

If you feel like extending your creative touch beyond a single building, GMs will assist you in creating a player-run town by adding roads, stores, banks and decoration.  The only limit is your imagination!



  • Weapon/Armor Enhancement Items
  • Virtually Unlimited Races
    • Player-Created Race Guilds
    • Custom Role-Play Rewards to RP Guilds
    • Rehued Skin, slight body/head modifications to match race
  • Mercenary Camp for getting new players started quickly
    • Skill Quests that give you ways to raise skill without macroing!
    • Live training dummies so you can macro combats all the way to GM without a partner.
    • Several story-related quests that guide you through reclaiming a beastman-invaded city.
  • 1vs1 Duel System so you can hone those PVP skills.  (1,000/5,000/10,000 gold bets)
  • Custom Commands (See Command List under the Info Menu)
  • Easy-to-use Private Message System that doesn’t get lost in the system messages
  • Rare and secret items that spawn randomly throughout the world.
  • Rare monsters that spawn randomly throughout the world with special loot.
  • Completely custom built towns, fortresses, and dungeons.  A fresh experience in a familiar setting!
  • Many puzzles scattered throughout the world.  Explore the secrets of Imagine Nation and be rewarded.
  • Plant-Growing system and color system.
  • Custom crafting sytem that exists on top of the existing crafting system!  (See the Info>Skills section)
  • Treasure Hunting and Message in a Bottle system, as well as staff-hosted treasure hunts for very rare items.
  • Taxidermy system for creating trophies of animals and fish!
  • An ungodly number of customized items that give our GMs an ability to freely create virtually any event they can imagine.
  • A trash reward system for converting useless items into usable currency!  Lets you hunt for hours without overloading!



We have a staff that really enjoys hosting various events.  In addition to this, many automated events have been created to make sure that something interesting could be happening at any moment!

PVP Events

  • Death Match
    • Automatically every 6 hours, a death match will open.  This is a free-for-all where the person with the most kills wins.  You can grab stat powerups to assist in your domination.
  • Capture The Flag
    • This staff-hosted event pits two or more teams against each other.  The purpose is to grab the other team’s flag, then bring it back to your own base to capture it.  However, you have to have your own flag at your base before you can capture it, so you need to defend your own flag as well!
  • Color Wars
    • This staff-hosted event consists of two to three groups of players who fight as a team to kill members of the other team.  You gain points for killing members of the other teams, but you lose points if members of your team dies!  Teamwork is critical here, and you’ll need to work together to take out the other teams while staying alive!
  • Tournaments
    • Tourneys are hosted by staff and are 1vs1 or 2vs2 fights where the winner moves on to the next round of the tournament, fighting over and over until only one person remains!  These have great prizes and are an awesome chance to show off your PVP abilities!
  • Bomberman
    • In a kick-back to the old Super Nintendo days, we have a fully functioning Bomberman script!  Complete with upgrades for bomb spread-speed, bomb spread distance, multi-bomb placement, and kick-bombs!  Completely automated, so you can hop in and play with 2 to 4 players any time you feel like blowing stuff up!

PVE and Miscellaneous Events

  • The Gauntlet
    • This is an obstacle course of high-difficulty and great reward.  You start off naked and terrified and must brave mean monsters, booby traps, suprises, moving bridges, and many unknown terrors in order to reach the end of the course.  Built by an unknown madman whose images appear to goad you on and challenge you.  Will you ever get to meet this mysterious man face to face?
  • Monster Bashes
    • These events consist of many monsters who keep spawning, getting progressively harder and harder until finally a boss (and potentially a mini-boss) spawn with loot unimaginable by mortal minds!  These events require several players to complete and are staff-hosted during times of high player activity.  The rewards are high and the bashes are a great source of Imagine Nickels, gold, rare items and other treasures.
  • Hunter/Slayer Events
    • Occasionally, a shout will go out across the land requesting your aid in an event of some sort.  These generally ask you to go to specific locations to kill monsters and boss creatures.  These are generally automated events that occur randomly, but sometimes a staff member may open the event manually.  These are a good source of Imagine Nickels, rare items and gold, but they aren’t as hard as Monster Bashes.
  • Star War
    • This event sends you into space aboard a starship under attack by robots.  You exit the ship cloaked in your space suit and armed with nothing but a phaser and throwable photon torpedos!  Search and battle droids will spawn progressively and you must fend them off.  The attack starts to speed up and more start to spawn as you go along until the Deceptitron spawns!  Defeat him for the greatest number of reward tokens and to have your name broadcast to the whole shard!
  • Treasure Hunts
    • Staff will create a treasure chest or series of chests and guardian monsters and give you clues as to the locations of them.  The first person to get to the treasure chest and loot it receives the reward, which is usually a renamed, recolored decoration item, plus lots and lots of delicious gold.


Custom Currencies

Imagine Nickels – The signature currency of Imagine Nation!  Get this currency from donating or participating in events.  The coolest decoration and items can be bought using Imagine Nickels.

Silver Coins – Trashing items will give you a reward in silver for helping to keep the world clean!  This keeps the item count down and lets you hunt without constantly recalling to town since silver can be converted to gold or prizes!

Gauntlet Tokens – Completing levels of the Gauntlet will give you Gauntlet Tokens that you can spend at the prize vendor in the lobby.

StarWar Tokens – You get tokens based on your score in Star-War.  You can get some cool prizes for turning in these tokens, including your very own Bright Saber!