Default Quests

Solen Matriarch Quest

Description: Kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrators and refresh the water supply for the Solen Matriarch.
Starting point: Solen Hive, Center
Items Required: A rare Plant Seed obtained from another quest, 8 Pitchers of Water, 2-200 Zoogi Fungus.
Time Required: 10-20 Minutes
Reward:  250-350 Gold, 1-100 Powder of Translocation and the Friendship of the Hive.


Collector’s Quest

Description: Collect various rarities for Elwood McCarrin the collector.
Starting point: Inside a tavern at Ocllo docks.
Items Required: Fishing Pole, 10 Gold.
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes
Reward: 500-1000 gold, a magic item, a section of an obsidian statue and 4 monster images.


Ambitious Solen Queen Quest

Description: Kill 5 of the rivaling Solen Queens and collect 50 Zoogi Fungus for the Ambitious Solen Queen.
Starting Point: Solen Hive, southeastern part.
Items Required: 50 Zoogi Fungus.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: 250-350 Gold, A Bag of Sending and some Powder of Translocation.


The Witch’s Apprentice

Description: Help the witch recover her recipe and then find the ingredients listed on it for her.
Starting Point: Ruins in the forest south of Yew.
Items Required: Shovel*, Spyglass*, Dagger/Sword*, Empty Pitcher*, A Tricorne Hat*, Lots of Alcohol*
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes.
Reward: 2000 – 2200 gold, 30 of each reagent, a magic item, a treasure map, a cauldron, a bottle of magical moonfire brew, Grizelda’s extra strength hangover cure (only if you are drunk)  a gain in Sacrifice Virtue
* This item is only needed sometimes.


The Study of the Solen Hive

Description: Study the 4 Solen Egg Nests to help the Naturalist with his research.
Starting Point: The First Library of Britain.
Items Required: None.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: A rare seed.


Prisoner Escorts

Description: Help the prisoner get to a town within 5 minutes
Starting Point: Any camp in the wild.
Items Required: None.
Time Required: 1-5 minutes.
Reward: 500-1000 gold.


Terrible Hatchlings

Description: Kill 10 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings at Vesper beach
Starting Point: The Ironwood Inn in Vesper.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: Approximately 100 gold coins and a magic item.