Weapon Quests


Hell’s Halberd

In the west seas of the lost lands a fisherman has come across some trouble. Between his sunken boat and a stolen item, will anyone offer to help turn the tides for him?

Black Widow

Along an enormous mountain, in a hollow-like pathway, it is rumored that a new passage has opened. Rumors are beginning to spread of an old power that might just be waiting for those who dare to enter. Some poor mortals have attempted the journey, only to be lost forever.

Judgement Hammer

Deep within their fortress is where you must go. To seek the knowledge that only they know. The elves of frost strike fear in man. Judgement for evils will soon be at hand.

Dwarven Battle Axe

A dungeon that has never seen light, ancient arachnid-like creatures guard the way. A great evil has spawned there recently or maybe sent there to protect something. It may in fact hold a great treasure or even your future grave.