Housing Information

We offer numerous ways for you to get a house. We have regular houses, custom houses, statics and custom statics. Regular houses are just that, the ordinary houses that UO always have had. Custom houses are houses that you place and build yourself, if you played any AoS shards you most likely will have run into this as well.

Statics on the other hand are buildings that are already placed in the world and integrated into the world map. You are able to buy these from staff and then decorate just like a regular house. 

Custom statics are statics that you create yourself on your own server and then move over to our server. This can only be done by donating.


  • Statics cost 2k per tile or 3.5k if in a guarded town
  • Statics in town can only be purchased if they are not in use (for example,vendor shops will not be sold)
  • Town statics must also be public if they are not bought by a guild, then the price is 4k per tile.
  • All static sales must first be approved by an administrator.
  • Prices may vary based on location and other features
  • Prices are subject to change
  • At this time, players are only allowed two statics per account

Custom Statics

  • A player is free to design a custom static that may be placed in the world
  • The custom static may be no larger than 18×18
  • The static must first be frozen in the world before it can be purchased
  • Creating a custom static can be done on any test server and saved via UO Architect
  • Staff will not teach you how to build a static building – Pandora is pretty self explanatory as is UO Architect
  • A custom static can replace a current static if it is not in use
  • Location must first be approved by an administrator

Static Housing FAQ

  • Statics Function exactly like houses and follow the same rules and guidelines
  • Statics can be sold or traded to other players; It is advised to have a staff member assist with this
  • When purchasing a static staff will do any basic redecorating for you
    • This can include adding walls, removal of static items and minor decorations in or around the static
    • This is done when the staff has free time and if it includes adding large number of statics, an admin may freeze it.
    • Please plan out the changes you’d like in advance instead of when the staff member shows up
  • If a static is demolished by the owner via the house sign, nothing shall be replaced if lost.
  • You can purchase the roof of flat-topped statics after purchasing the static initially. However, the roof won’t be accessible until it’s purchased.


  • Players can buy private doors inside their house that will have a separate key and can be colored
    • Private doors cost 25k each
  • Teleporters can be purchased for roof access or for old people who can’t make it up stairs
    • Teleporters cost 25k each – 50k for one that goes to and from
    • Castle owners can get a Castle-Set for 200K that includes:
      • A pair of teleporters to the roof
      • Four pairs of teleporters, each going from the roof to a corner tower and back again
    • Teleporters will not be sold if it could seemingly trap a player (e.g: to a roof with no way back down)
  • Guild doors and containers can be purchased for guild houses
    • The price for a guild door is 100K
    • Guild doors can be colored and can either remain a door or match a wall
    • If a guild door is made into a wall piece it must be colored
  • Guild containers, which are only accessible by guildmembers, can be purchased for 50k
  • Bank boxes can be purchased for the guild headquarters that houses the guild stone for 300k
  • Additional decoration can be purchased; Anything from roads to trees can be added
  • No items that are obtainable by normal means will be added (forges, anvils, etc)
  • Decorations are limited to a certain range outside the static based on its size and neighboring buildings
  • Statics in a town may not have this option

The above information is a general guideline for players to help them understand how statics work. As such, these rules are not fixed and may vary based on the situation and the GM’s discretion.

If you have any additional questions regarding static purchasing please ask in the forums so the answer can be made public knowledge.