This is a brief guide to some of the events you may see in our world during your travels. While some of the events may be scheduled on our forums, for the most part the events mentioned will be held at random times. Do not worry however as our dedicated staff cover all time zones for our players and we wish for everyone to experience these events during your time with us here. Below you will find the name of the event and a brief description of it.


Death by Dice

This is a very simple, easy, and fun event and is a game based solely on luck. A group of players will be placed in an arena divided into 3 or 4 areas. When the game starts a countdown timer starts from 20. While the timer is running you can run from area to area and when the time is up everyone in one area will be killed.
The winner is the last surviver for usually 3 rounds.


Russian Roulette 

This is a very simple, easy, and fun event and is a game based solely on luck. Two players will be placed in an arena in front of them are 6 identical bottles to drink from, 5 are normal harmless bottles which will do nothing, however the 6th will instantly kill the player when they drink it. Rules are simple the players take turns drinking the bottles and the person who survives wins. 



For those who do not know what Bagball is it is basically Ultima Online football. You have a Bagball which is somewhat like a football in the middle of an arena and Two teams of Three players at each end of the arena. The game is fairly simple, the players have to work as a team to get the ball across their team’s line, the only problem is you simply cannot pick up the ball and put it in your backpack as the weight of the ball itself is far too heavy for anyone to carry so you must rely on team work to pick up the ball and drop it at a location around yourself so that another team member can grab it and do the same until you reach your goal line. The other team at this point will try to do the same and will try to intercept the Bagball in order to score. The first team to score Three points is the winner. 

The Golden Coin Casino 

Located just outside the city of Britain to the southwest is the Golden Coin Casino. The casino hosts numerous games of chance for the people of the world to play and hopefully win. You can also buy items with your silver coins and imagine nickels here along with other useful items such as bulk regs. Since it’s a safe zone you don’t have to worry about murderers killing you for your winnings.


Auto supply

When you enter an auto supply tournament you will recieve free gear and unlimited resources to fight with. If you are wearing equipment when you enter your items will be placed in a statue in your bank, which you can access once you leave the tournament. The auto supply equipment also disappears once you leave. 


Objective: To kill all fighters on the other team. 
 A team event where there are normally two fights going on at a time. Each fight has either one or two fighters from each team depending on whether it is a 1v1 or 2v2 rep. When one player dies, they are replaced with another player from their team. There is no pause in between the next player being moved into the fight. This tournament is mostly auto supplied. 


Objective: To kill all players you fight against in each round. 
 A solo event where players must use their own equipment. 


Objective: To be the player with the highest kill count by the end of the match. 
 An auto supplied solo or team event depending on what you rather do. A standard DM is 20 minutes and takes place in a custom arena. If you die during this event you come back to life and can continue fighting. Throughout the arena you will find different power-ups that will increase your dexterity, intelligence, strength, and supremacy. Twice a day the deatmatch becomes active automatically and to join you simply have to use the deathmatch stone which is located near the Golden Casino. 

Capture The Flag

Objective: To capture the opponent’s flag located in their base to gain points while protecting yours. 
 CTF is a team event with two methods to score; killing a player on the other team, which will give your team 2 points, or to capture the other teams flag and return it to yours, which will give your team 15 points.