Mercenary Camp Quests

The mercenary camp is a small, compact camp for training new soldiers. It’s located on the edge of a town that has been overrun by beastmen who, instead of fighting with each other, have for some strange reason all decided to band together. Someone appears to be manipulating them to use as an army! 

There is no longer any limit on the amount of skill you can gain from these quests! (Up to 100.0) Hopefully this gives people the chance to play the game to get skillups instead of having to macro on the training dummies.


Combat Skills and Magery

When killing Beastmen, keep an eye out for the weapons that they drop. There are masters of the four fighting styles in the camp who are willing to teach you a bit of their knowledge in return for giving them the corresponding weapons. (Fencing, Swordsmanship, Macing, Wrestling)
Reward: Skill book with +1.0 to 2.0 skill in the corresponding profession.

The beastman controllers also drop an “Orb of Beastman Control” that can be turned in to the mages for a bonus to your magery skill.
Reward: Skill book with +1.0 magery


Tactics Quest

Talk to Eric in the Northwest part of the camp and he will give you a quest to kill some beastmen. In return for thinning out their numbers, he well teach you a bit about tactics.
Reward: Skill book with +5.0 to Tactics


Other Drop Quests:

There are a few monsters with special names who will drop special items. However, they’re not spawned all the time and you may need to kill some of their friends to make them appear. One is a giant spider and the other is an Ophidian.
Reward: +5 Skill in Magic Resist


Other Quests

Dante in the provisioner’s cottage needs help gathering supplies to keep the mercenary camp fed. Luckily, there are some crates of food that are magically sealed scattered around the ruined town outside. (Open the quest book, press Collect, and target a crate in your inventory)
Rewards: A few minor odds and ends such as gold and food. Nothing special.

Yancey the scout is trapped behind enemy lines and needs your help. He may have found the source of the beastman army and has a very important task for you! (Repeatable, but on a cooldown)
Rewards: Gold, Reagents, random weapons and armor, plus a renamed, red “Mercenary Bandana” like all the mercenaries wear, plus a random piece of “Mercenary Leather Armor.” Collect a full set!