Speech Commands


Command Effect
“Balance”, “Statement” The banker will tell you the amount of gold in your bank box
“Bank” The banker will open your bank box for you
“Check (amount)” If you have the gold specified in your bank, a bank check of that value will be placed in your bank box and the gold will be removed. (between 5,000 and 1,000,000 gold)
“Withdraw (amount)” Will place (amount) of gold from your bankbox in your backpack, if possible.



Command Effect
“News” The barkeep will give you the latest news, just like a town crier.
giving money Amounts of gold under 50 gold will cause the Barkeep to speak this rumor. Amounts over 50 gold will be returned.
saying a keyword The Barkeep will respond to a maximum of three keywords. Owners can set the keywords the Barkeep will respond



Command Effect
“I wish to lock this down” Locks an item down in your house. Only the owner and co-owners can issue this command.
“I wish to release this” Removes lockdown on an item. Only the owner and co-owners can issue this command.
“I wish to place a trash barrel” Will place a trash barrel inside a house, at the position where you are standing. Only the owner or co-owner can issue this command. Anyone can put trash in the barrel. After 3 minutes the trash will be deleted.



Command Effect
“(Name) join” Can be used with NPC guildmasters. They will respond with the amount of money you have to pay them to join that guild. Right after that just drop the money on the NPC to join.
“(Name) move” The NPC will step aside or away from you.
“(Name) where” The NPC will tell you where you are.
“(Name) train” Can be used with almost any NPC. They will respond by telling you what skills they can teach you (if any).
“(Name) train (skill)” Say this to an NPC that has indicated it can teach that skill. The NPC will respond by telling you how much it will cost you to recieve training in that skill, or it will tell you it cannot teach you more than you already know of that skill.



Command Effect
“(All/Name) come” Summons all or one pet to your location.
“(Name) drop” Drops everything it’s carrying to the ground.
“(Name) follow” Follows targeted being.
“(All/Name) follow me” Makes all or one pet follow you.
“(Name) friend” Treats targeted player as another owner.
“(Name) kill”, “(Name) attack” Attacks targeted being.
“(All/Name) release” Releases all or one pet back into the wild.
“(All/Name) stay” All or one pet will stop and stay in current spot.
“(All/Name) stop” Cancels any current orders to guard or follow.
“(Name) transfer” Transfers complete ownership to targeted player.



Command Effect
“Retrieve”, “Claim” The stablemaster will give you back the pet(s) you stabled with him.
“Stable”, “stall” Will bring up a targeting cursor. Click on the pet you want to stable.
 “Claim list” Will bring up a list of all pets the character has stabled, from which you can select one.



Command Effect
“(Direction*)” Move ship in desired direction.
“Drift left”, “Left” Moves ship to the left.
“Drift right”, “Right” Moves ship to the right.
“Drop anchor”, “Raise anchor” Toggles ship movement on or off. Anchor must be raised if you want to drydock (which is done by doubleclicking the tillerman)
“Furl sail”, “Stop” Stops current ship movement.
“One (direction*)”, “(Direction*) one” Moves ship one tile in desired direction and stops.
“Slow (direction*)” Moves ship slowly in desired direction (see below for possible directions).
“Turn around”, “Come about” Turns ship around and proceeds.
“Turn left”, “Port” Rotate ship left. Changes the orientation of the ship.
“Turn right”, “Starboard” Rotate ship right. Changes the orientation of the ship.
“Unfurl sail”, “Forward” Moves ship forward.
* Directions: Forward left, forward right, backward left, backward right, back left, back right, backwards, backward, back.


Vendor (Player)

Command Effect
“(Name) browse/view/look” Will open the bacpack of the vendor for you so you can see what is inside. This acts the same as double-clicking.
“(Name) buy/purchase” You will get a targeting cursor with which you can select the item you want to buy. If you do not have enough gold in your backpack the amount will be taken straight out of your bankbox.
“(Name) collect/gold/get” If you are the owner of the vendor, he will give you the gold he is holding. The amount will be in gold if less than 5000, or as a bank check if 5000 or more. The largest check one can receive is for one million gold, if the vendor holds more than that another request has to be made by the owner to collect the rest.
“(Name) dismiss” If you are the owner of the vendor, he will terminate the contract of employment with you. The Vendor will self-destruct, leaving no corpse. Any items or gold he is holding will not be reimbursed, so remove all tiems and issue a “collect”command first.
“(Name) status/info” If you are the owner of the vendor, he will tell you how much gold he is holding, how much he costs per UO day and for how many days he will continue to work for you. This acts the same as double-clicking when you are the owner.


Vendor (shop)

Command Effect
“(Name) buy” The inventory of the vendor will be shown to you. You can select which items you want to buy. If you do not have enough gold in your backpack the amount will be taken straight out of your bankbox.
“(Name) sell” The items in your backpack that can be sold to the vendor will be shown to you. You can select which items you want to sell.



Command Effect
“I resign from my guild” Will remove you from the guild and the guildstone. 
“I must consider my sins” This will show you if you are a guard candidate.
“news” When spoken near a towncryer he will give you a bit of news, if he has some. Repeat the command to hear the next bit of news.
“what time is it” This will show you the current time by the server’s clock.
“i have nothing to repent over” If you have 5 or more kills this will stop your killcount from decaying. Your killcount can still increase though.
“i wish to repent my sins” This will make your killcount start to decay again.
“ferry” Saying this near a Ferryman in various ports will let you use the ferry system to travel to any place that has a ferry docked. Requires a boarding voucher, which can be purchased by double-clicking the ones next to the Ferryman.
“i renounce my young player status” Removes your young status
“jailtime” See why you were jailed and for how long