Bounty System

Got killed by someone? Want revenge but can’t do it yourself? Problem solved!


If you get killed you will get a bounty gump where you can place a bounty on your killer’s head. Other players can then request that bounty and once you accept they are free to claim it! Once they kill the player with the bounty all they have to do is take the head and turn it in to an order guard. Then he will get your money and you will get your revenge.

Here are some other things to know:

  • You can only place a bounty if you were attacked first and some other criterias are met (for instance, not in the same or opposite faction).
  • Bounties expires after 2 weeks.
  • You can request and approve bounties by using bounty boards that are placed around the world.
  • The total bounty of a player is displayed on the server status page.
  • Bounties can only be claimed by the person who did the killing.
  • A head obtained before the bounty was placed cannot be turned in.
  • The minimum bounty amount is 1k and is immediately taken from the your account. It is returned if the bounty expires without being claimed.