Getting started

After selecting you starting skills it is advised that you first travel to the Britain Mage Shop. There you will find a short quest to obtain a full newbied spellbook. Simply speak with the NPC standing out front, next to a stack of spellbooks, to begin the quest. After accepting you will be directed to head upstairs and participate in some target practice.

When you enter this quest all items you had on you will be instantly put into your bank and upon exiting they can be retrieved from the bank box right next to the quest area.
Once you have obtained your spell book, you may want to train a bit before heading out into the world. 
The best place for a new player to train is at the Mercenary Camp. You can find the Mercenary Camp entrance a bit south west of Britain Bank, which is where you started.
On top of a small stone building is a mage who will open a portal there on request. Simply step through to be sent to the Mercenary Camp.
Once there you will find sparring partners and training dummies in the main camping area. Find and equip the practice weapons as they are faster and will help you gain skills faster. There are many NPCs in this area as well that have various quests to help you get started as well.
If you feel you are ready, you can proceed past the gate to a camp of monsters to begin earning money and finding yourself some items. It is advised to train a bit first though.
Just to the right of where you came in is a small stone building where you can enter a more relaxed starting dungeon. In here you will find a couple very simple quests and some very basic monsters.
While slaying various monsters can be quite a bit of fun with varying challenges, some players prefer to invest their time to become a merchant.
If you would rather craft armor than slay beasts, you may want to travel to the town of Minoc where you can mine for ores to craft with. 
There are various mines throughout the world but the mine right next to Minoc is under the protection of the town guards.
If you much rather become a carpenter or fletcher, Yew is the town for you.
Here you will find endless trees to harvest for logs that you will need to begin crafting. The surrounding forest is mostly under the protection of the town guards.
Straying too far may lead you to the Yew Graveyard or Yew Crypts, which are not places to be traveling as a merchant.
If you wish to be a fisherman, the best town to start out in is Vesper. The entire town is built on the water so there are countless spots to fish. 
Once you start catching fish you can either sell them or cook them. Selling them may be the best bet so you can afford to buy a boat.
Buying a boat allows you to travel the seas in search of treasures beyond fish and boots. Of course you may end up pulling in a monster or two as well.
If at any time you need help or have questions you can page the staff by selecting the Help button on your paperdoll.