Owner Name PM  Language Timezone  Main task Taran English/Swedish GMT +1 Maintenance, development    Administrator  Name PM  Language  Timezone Main task Eru English/Japanese GMT -6 Destroy Everything   Developer Name PM  Language Timezone Main task Echo English GMT -6 Development   Game Masters Name PM Language Timezone Main task Bushido English/Swedish GMT +1   …

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New server!

Imagine Nation has moved its server to a new hosting company. This is great news for everyone since most players will get less lag and pretty much everyone will experience less disconnects and better overall performance. So join IN you too and start hitting stuff in the Mercenary Camp, just like these guys.

Hue list

  This is not all the hues we have. If you want to help us finish the list, e-mail Taran. Click on an image to see a larger one. Download a zip of all hues: [Hues.7z] or view here.     Staff Only Hues › 1963 Sapphire 01 Pure black Armor Hues › 1159 OldCopper …

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Regular . commands

Command  Aliases Description  .Ally .A Sends a message to everyone that is in your alliance channel (all of the same faction by default) or display them in a list. Usage: “.Ally texthere” or .A  .BattleFocus .BF Will filter out anything that’s not in your line of sight. You wont’t see players, speech or anything if …

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Imagine Nation is 100% Free to play! But that doesn’t mean it’s free for us to improve and maintain! Hardware and software upgrades, plus electricity and hosting fees can add up quickly. Keeping the shard and website up to date and running smoothly will help to draw and keep new players and to make the …

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Mortar & Pestle

Skill Rewards

Since some skills are pretty hard to gain here on Imagine Nation, we want to reward those that put the time and effort into grandmastering those skills. All items are newbied and you will get to choose your own name and color for them. GM Alchemy – Mortar and Pestle GM Blacksmithy – Smith’s Hammer …

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Shard Rules Macroing AFK to gather resources is not allowed. Harassment will not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being harassed, page and a staff member will come as quick as possible. We do not tolerate any harassment that a player can truly have their gaming experience ruined from. Excessive swearing is not …

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