Imagine Nation is 100% Free to play!

But that doesn’t mean it’s free for us to improve and maintain!

Hardware and software upgrades, plus electricity and hosting fees can add up quickly. Keeping the shard and website up to date and running smoothly will help to draw and keep new players and to make the game more enjoyable for all players; new and old.

If you want to help keep Imagine Nation going with the best site, forums, hardware and connection possible, make a donation by clicking the cute kitty below or the donate button to the right!

To get your donation item faster, input desired reward and relevant information on the “review your donation” page.

The donation money is sent securely through PayPal and is monitored by Eru and Taran; so contact them for your donation reward or fill in the requested reward during checkout.

Donation Rewards

For every $1 that you donate, you will recieve 10 Imagine Nickels which can be spent at the various vendor stones in the Golden Casino. You can buy decoration items, s special mounts, stylish clothing and more!

To show our appreciation, any donation of $25 or more will be rewarded with an additional gift on top of the Imagine Nickels!

$25 Donation (Tier 1) – Choose one of the following items

  • A mount (horse, llama, orn or zostrich) recolored and renamed according to your preference.
  • A death shroud or clothing item from the nickel vendor dyed the color of your choice and newbied.

$50 Donation (Tier 2) – Choose one of the following items OR two items from tier 1

  • A bank for your house. (recolored, renamed, and optional ItemID modification) + a tier 1 item
  • A deed for coloring and naming an item of your choice + a tier 1 item
  • Duelstone (free duels) + a tier 1 item

$75 Donation (Tier 3) – Choose one of the following OR a tier 1 and tier 2 item

  • *Choose a free pre-built static from our selection or claim an existing static in the world.

None of the items listed above are to be sold or traded ingame.

*Custom static cannot exceed 22×22 and may only be placed at an available location that is not taken by other buildings or spawns.

Link to Imagine Nation!

Posting links to us helps people find us since it not only gives a link that they can click on, but search engines will see the links to our site and increase our rankings so more people find us by accident as well! Serendipity! HTML and Forum codes can be found below.

   <a href=""><img src="" alt="Imagine Nation? Oh, it's true!" title="Imagine Nation! A PVP/RP Sphere 51a Replica Shard"/></a>

Please use discretion when linking to us and only post links in places where it would be well received. No posting on other shards’ sites.
Thanks for supporting Imagine Nation! Oh, it’s true!

Donate CPU Cycles

Insta-Mining Tool

This tool automatically generates and runs a batch file to start mining with minimal setup.


This one’s a bit silly, but if you have an idle computer that isn’t doing anything, you can donate CPU cycles instead of actual money. The cost of electricity will probably be close to the amount that you donate using this tool though, so only do this if you have cheap or free electricity, otherwise it would be best to donate with PayPal. More information in this thread.

Mining Stats :: Cash in 1000 shares for 1 Imagine Nickel.