UO version

Existing Ultima Online installation

This will guide you how to edit an existing copy of Ultima Online on your system. Please follow the directions accordingly.   1.  First, You need to make sure your current Ultima Online client is at least version but not higher than If you are on a older version of UO, please run UOPatch.exe located …

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Extract INSetup

New Ultima Online installation

This will guide you how to download and install an updated and ready to use copy of Ultima Online on your system. Please follow the directions accordingly. 1. Download the self-extracting Imagine Nation Installer here: [INSetup.exe] [Mirror] 2.  Double-Click INSetup.exe and extract it to wherever you choose. For this example we are extracting to C:\Program Files. Your extract …

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New UO installation

How to join

(Imagine Nation will automatically make you an account when you log in) See the Beginner’s Guides or Player Guides forum for tips to help get started.   Welcome to the world of Imagine Nation! Thank for you your interest in joining our 10 year old community. Before you begin, Please select whether you will need to download …

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Beginner’s Guides

If you are new to Imagine Nation you should read these guides as they will help you get you started and teach you how our world works.   – Getting started – About Sphere 0.51a – Young status

SVN changelog (script changes)

2012-04-29 (Revision 546) Wall of stone no longer stacks The PvP test changes are now global! See all the changes here 2012-04-23 (Revision 544) Fixed a bug with the rare dye tub which would cause it to get a new color if the owner deleted his char. Added a max amount of tries to the AM …

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Speech Commands

Banker Command Effect “Balance”, “Statement” The banker will tell you the amount of gold in your bank box “Bank” The banker will open your bank box for you “Check (amount)” If you have the gold specified in your bank, a bank check of that value will be placed in your bank box and the gold …

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Promo Video by Mystic Edge

Mystic Edge has created an awesome promotional video for our server! Old players will enjoy the history lesson and new players can see how awesome the new shard is.


This is a brief guide to some of the events you may see in our world during your travels. While some of the events may be scheduled on our forums, for the most part the events mentioned will be held at random times. Do not worry however as our dedicated staff cover all time zones …

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