Imagine Nation Scripts Released!

Missing Imagine Nation?  There is hope!  We have decided to release the core code and scripts for Imagine Nation with all the core changes and modifications that have been made.  We’ve even included a link for the world saves with all the quests, spawns and events already in place!

Note: Accounts and player data are NOT included in this world save.  Account data contains hashed passwords, which we don’t feel comfortable releasing to the public.

It’s time for Imagine Nation to split into many shards like the world gem from the original Ultima Online video.  Have a trip back in time and check out the original release video:

The Scripts:

The Forum Post: “Releasing Scripts

We’ve also removed the redirect to the forums so that the old site can serve as a refreshener and reference to what’s available in the world.  Please note that everything on the site is only a small fraction of knowledge from the actual game and is only recent up until the server was closed.  From here, it may branch in any number of directions.