Animal Taming allows you to entice an animal or even some monsters into following your commands.

There are many rare mounts and animals that can be useful after being tamed. From colorful horses, orns and oclocks to tough monsters that can fight for you.

The best way to raise your skill in taming is to find an animal that simply does not want to be tamed, then continue to try to subdue it. Since you will get better even if you fail, you can spend all night trying to tame a few mounts for a more substantial skill gain. Beware though, after an animal is tamed by five different people, it will not accept any new masters ever again.

This page needs images of the mounts available.
If you’re interested in photoshopping some horses with transparencies, PM Eru.

Taming Information:


  • The only way to gain taming skill is by taming animals or monsters.
  • You gain by failing to tame animals also.
  • After approximately 85 taming skill, you will need to find rare mounts to tame.
  • Most rare mounts are hidden at the end of a puzzle or dungeon.
  • A mount can only be tamed by five people before noone else can tame it.