Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK. I sleep all night and I work all day!

The lumberjack uses his hatchet or other axe-like implement to murder innocent trees and steal their bodies… Er, I mean they harvest wood for carpenters and fletchers to use for crafting their wares.

Experienced lumberjacks can find rare logs in addition to the normal logs. These logs retain their color when carpenters use them to craft furniture and some types of logs are required for crafting special bows and crossbows.

Wood   Oak wood  
Mahogany wood
Required skill: 0
Chance to chop: 35%
Wood   Required skill: 65
Chance to chop: 18%
Oak log   Required skill: 70
Chance to chop: 10%


Ash wood   Cedar wood  
Willow wood
Required skill: 80
Chance to chop: 8%
Ash log   Required skill: 85
Chance to chop: 7%
Cedar   Required skill: 90
Chance to chop: 6%


Yew wood   Heart wood  
Myst wood
Required skill: 95
Chance to chop: 5.5%
Yew log   Required skill: 97.5
Chance to chop: 3.5%
Heart wood   Required skill: 99
Chance to chop: 3%


Blood wood   Frost wood
Required skill: 100
Chance to chop: 2.5%
Blood wood   Required skill: 100
Chance to chop: 1.5%
Frost wood