Halloween Event!

The area between the Golden Casino and the Britain Bank have been marked for use as Festival Grounds now so we can have holiday events in that area. The guard line is moved up to the Green Candles and the south wall of the portal room so that Karma reds and Murderers can join in the fun too.

  • Try on a fun costume!
    • Step into any Costume Booth and you’ll receive a free temporary costume!
    • Costumes last for one minute and you can’t be mounted.
  • Bob for apples in the water tubs scattered around the area!
    • You can catch apples, junk, and if you’re very lucky, some really cool rare items!
  • Collect bones from skeletons or Halloween monsters to buy some fun decoration items!
    • A miniature casket for your poor, deceased pets.
    • A tiny iron maiden in case your pet isn’t dead yet and won’t stay in the casket.
    • A toy-sized guillotine! Great for cutting cigars or your friend’s fingers.
    • A book bound in human flesh whose ink is a bloody red. May or may not open a portal to hell and cause Armageddon. (Newbied and writable)
    • A jigsaw puzzle made up of a drawn and quartered human! Put all the arms, legs, torso and head back together for a fun decorative rug! Comes in a blood-soaked bag.
  • More to come as we think of fun things to add!