Fishermen make a living in the seas and lakes of the world, catching delicious fish, the occasional boot, and if you’re very skilled, maybe even a sea monster!

The life of a fisherman can be very rewarding, but comes with a bit of risk. A skilled fisherman can haul up sea beasts that have swallowed treasure maps, mysterious fishing nets, and messages from sinking ships. However, these beasts do not just hand over the contents of their stomachs and you will have to slay them first!

All you need to get started fishing is a simple fishing pole, though any serious fisher will also need a boat. Once you get deep into the ocean and have fished for long enought to have sufficient skill, you can catch monsters that will not be happy at being hauled up from their home and will attack you on sight!

Advanced fishers will be able to purchase a deep-sea fishing pole that requires bait and will allow the fisherman to catch many rare fish that carpenters will be interested in. They like to use these rare fish for constructing decorative fish tanks for house decoration.





    Shoes Shoes are carelessly tossed into the sea by the citizens of Birtainia for you to fish up. Luckily they are always caught in pairs. 0
    Fish A fisherman’s bread and butter. These fish are a dime a dozen and sell for nearly the same. 0
 Fishing Net You will often catch these on the bottom of the ocean floor only to find that as you are reeling in, a monster of the sea thought it was food. 80
 Big Fish The prized catch for all to obtain. For once you will be able to say say you did catch a fish this big. 80
 Treasure Map Another item that is easily mistaken for food by sea creatures. Expect a battle and a bit of stomach surgery before you can claim this as your own. 90
  SOS Bottle Again, an item which sea monsters love to eat as you pull it in. These often lure krakens over other creatures though. 100
  Rainbow Pearl An item only obtainable during the Collector Quest.Most commonly found near the docks of Ocllo. N/A

Deep Sea Fishing

  Fish   Difficulty Level
  Albino Angel Fish

All fish in this category require GM fighing, a deep sea pole, and bait to catch. Once you GM fishing you can complete a quest at Ocllo Docks which awards you with a deep sea fishing pole. Once you have obtained this pole you will need to acquire bait. Bait can be obtained from various monsters, exchanging scales and is also made through cooking.

The deep sea fish seen here are scaled in difficulty from levels one through five, with five being the most difficult to catch.

Once these fish are caught they can be placed in aquariums that can be crafted.

  Angel Fish 2
  Anteni Angel Fish 2
  Anthias 4
  Bamboo Shark 4
  Baroness Butterfly Fish 1
  Blue Fish 4
  Brine Shrimp 3
  Butterfly Fish 1
  Copperbanded Butterfly Fish 1
  Coral 5
  Crab 3
  Fantail Goldfish 4
  Flame Angel Fish 2
  Fish Bones 5
  Jellyfish 3
  Pearl 5
  Powderblue Tang 4
  Pufferfish 3
  Queen Angel Fish 2
  Sea Grass 5
  Severed Anchor 5
  Shrimp 3
  Small Fishes 3
  Sunken Ship 5
  Yellow Tang


Fishing Quest and Rewards

Neville, a fisherman working near the docks of Ocllo has had enough of sea serpents on his boat and has decided to do something about it! He is offering a bounty on sea serpent scales and will offer you various fishing related items as a reward.


Number of Scales

 Custom Fishing Pole + 500 Bait 3000
 Fabled Fishing Net 500
 Mystic Fishing Net 500
 Fishing Bait (10) 1




What are the “Fishing Contest Officials” all around the world?

These officials are to recognize people who catch very large fish! Simply approach one of the officials with a ‘big fish’ and follow their conversation. For turning in fish, you can receive fishing bait, gold, or even the occasional rare fishing net! If your fish is exceptionally large, over 180 stones, the official will mount the fish for you for free so you can display it proudly!

What skill do I need to start fishing up special things like sea serpents, treasure maps, or messages in a bottle?

You need 90 fishing to catch creatures with Treasure Maps, 100 fishing for creatures with Messages in a Bottle. At 80 you can catch creatures that have fishing nets. Creatures pulled up with fishing nets do not do a skill check and can drop more nets, treasure maps, or messages in a bottle.