Information about Imagine Nation’s Quests

Spellbook quest

Newbied full spellbook

Due to a few drunken mages who weren’t able to control their spells, all new citizens need to pass an accuracy test before being given their spellbook. If you go to the mage tower in northern Britain, there is a mage there who will give you a quest to test your skill. Simply speak with the …

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Mercenary Camp Quests

The mercenary camp is a small, compact camp for training new soldiers. It’s located on the edge of a town that has been overrun by beastmen who, instead of fighting with each other, have for some strange reason all decided to band together. Someone appears to be manipulating them to use as an army!  There …

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Dreaded wolves

Dreaded Wolves

The Golden Shrine in Eastern Trinsic has a wolf problem. The golden shrine was once very popular in Trinsic, but with the eerie howling coming from the dreaded wolves on the eastern island, many people have stopped coming to visit. So, Nara, the last remaining acolyte of the shrine has called for an exterminator to …

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Acquiring the Antivenom

Amissa has been adventuring and charting the territories of the northern deserts of the Lost Lands, but has run into a bit of trouble. While climbing a ridge to get a better vantage point, she’s run across a huge nest of scorpions and has been stung! Cure potions don’t seem to be working, so she …

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Default Quests

Solen Matriarch Quest Description: Kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrators and refresh the water supply for the Solen Matriarch. Starting point: Solen Hive, Center Items Required: A rare Plant Seed obtained from another quest, 8 Pitchers of Water, 2-200 Zoogi Fungus. Time Required: 10-20 Minutes Reward:  250-350 Gold, 1-100 Powder of Translocation and the Friendship of the Hive.   Collector’s Quest Description: Collect various rarities for …

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Weapon Quests

  Hell’s Halberd In the west seas of the lost lands a fisherman has come across some trouble. Between his sunken boat and a stolen item, will anyone offer to help turn the tides for him? Black Widow Along an enormous mountain, in a hollow-like pathway, it is rumored that a new passage has opened. …

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