If you want to learn how our world works or need information on something specific these guides should be able to help you out.

Jack of All Trades

Skill Guide

Won’t rest until you’re a Grand Master of all skills? Training from NPCs Any NPC with sufficient skill can teach you up to 40 percent of the skill you’ll need to be a grand master. For a one-stop place to train all your skills, Jack has set up a training service in the Golden Casino …

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Bounty System

Got killed by someone? Want revenge but can’t do it yourself? Problem solved!   If you get killed you will get a bounty gump where you can place a bounty on your killer’s head. Other players can then request that bounty and once you accept they are free to claim it! Once they kill the …

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About Sphere 0.51a

We are running on the latest RunUO version 2.2 but don’t let that scare you, the whole playstyle is based on Sphere 0.51a and most of the key functions work exactly the same way as it did on Sphere 0.51a. So what does that mean exactly? It means no AoS features, no pre-casting, no context …

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Young status

For a more comfortable experience when joining our shard new players will get the “Young” status which can be seen by the [Young] tag after their name. This status grants them certain privileges but also has some limations. A player is consider “Young” if: Total game time for all the characters on the account is less …

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Getting started

After selecting you starting skills it is advised that you first travel to the Britain Mage Shop. There you will find a short quest to obtain a full newbied spellbook. Simply speak with the NPC standing out front, next to a stack of spellbooks, to begin the quest. After accepting you will be directed to …

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