Imagine Nation Scripts Released!

Created on 25 April 2013 Written by Eru

Missing Imagine Nation?  There is hope!  We have decided to release the core code and scripts for Imagine Nation with all the core changes and modifications that have been made.  We've even included a link for the world saves with all the quests, spawns and events already in place!

Note: Accounts and player data are NOT included in this world save.  Account data contains hashed passwords, which we don't feel comfortable releasing to the public.

It's time for Imagine Nation to split into many shards like the world gem from the original Ultima Online video.  Have a trip back in time and check out the original release video:

The Scripts:

The Forum Post: "Releasing Scripts"

We've also removed the redirect to the forums so that the old site can serve as a refreshener and reference to what's available in the world.  Please note that everything on the site is only a small fraction of knowledge from the actual game and is only recent up until the server was closed.  From here, it may branch in any number of directions.


We had a good run (shutting server down)

Created on 23 July 2012 Written by Taran

As you already know I have been inactive for quite some time now. I thought I would have gotten my interest in UO back by now but unfortunately I haven't. There are several reasons for this but that doesn't really matter.

I first started playing Ultima Online on Imagine Nation way back when it was first created. Eventually I staffed there and helped out with scripting as well. I never played IN2 and didn't play UO for a long time. Not until I heard that Imagine Nation: Reborn was about to launch did I start playing again. I asked Coldrake if I could help out and started staffing there as well.
Unfortunately IN:R was too buggy and broken to succeed and that's when we got in contact with Maka from Xtreme Ultima Online and created the merge Imagine Nation: Xtreme after a while. I was a Seer there and when Maka eventually stepped down he asked me to take over for him, which I did.
The merge didn't go quite as well as expected though, so ultimately I decided to shut that server down. Which I now think was probably good.
After a while Shade (who helped me out a lot on IN:X) started talking about recreating another Imagine Nation clone based on the IN:X scripts. I didn't have the time to help him out at the time and I didn't think he was that serious. But I told him that he could go ahead and use the scripts and sure enough, a few months later he and Eru had done an awesome job recreating IN once again. By this time I could help out again and took a place next to Shade.
And while we are talking about Shade. I announced that he was dead, which is what I was told. But a while after I made that post I got told that he wasn't in fact dead. To this day I still don't know if Shade is alive or not, which is also why I never announced it. 

Anyway, enough history lessons. 
I've had a lot of fun recreating Imagine Nation and chatting with old friends again. To tell the truth I never thought we would hit 200+ players, but we did! I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when this happened and I think a lot of you were as excited as I was.
But, for several reasons the playerbase started shrinking. There's no way to tell for sure why that happened. I know a bunch of people think it's because of the lack of staff activity, but the playerbase started to decline when staff were still active. It didn't help that most staff went inactive eventually, but it wasn't the main issue.

So because of my lack of interest and Eru's busy schedule, and a few other reasons, I've decided to shut this server down. I will keep the forums open for the sake of the community though. Maybe Imagine Nation will live again in one way or another, but for now it's over. I will leave the server running until the end of the month, July 31st, and make a backup of the current world save. So take this opportunity to equip and brag about your items and mounts, hehe. Or just run around and say hello to old friends.

As I said, I had a lot of fun on this shard and I want to thank everyone, both staff and players, who helped this shard to grow and become a great place to play on. 

Oh and if you didn't already know, I had two playerchars, Saragok [Goblin] and Arthas [SIN]. Had some fun times with both of them as well 
Take care!


Upcoming Changes

Created on 26 June 2012 Written by Eru

After a lull in recent development, we've got some plans on the table: 


We plan on developing Quests in Jhelom to create a quest-hub for RP-related playstyles.

To keep interest up during the lack of normal PVP events, there are now Open Duels in the arena!  Get your free practice in now!

We're also hiring event hosts, similar to counselors, who will be tasked mainly with hosting events such as CTF, Color Wars, etc.


Also, on July 7th through the 10th, we'll be having a Skill-Gain Weekend!  What's the occasion? I dunno, it's the 4th of July in the US, plus the 10th is Eru's birthday, so we can just say it's for one of those.


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