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Posted by: marcos
11-14-2015, 12:31 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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This server is the best of the moment
PVP is similar to IMAGINE NATION
the server was 200 players online, all old friends
at this time we are 50, they are working hard on the server.
very good connection , free skills to start , statics to buy , very items to buy This is the page there find all the information

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Posted by: Ermac
11-07-2015, 05:20 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Cataclysm UO is still live and the team is busy working on the next major release. We're happy to be a few months shy of our one year anniversary!

[Image: bc0Hb9U.png]

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Posted by: Christina Thorn
11-07-2015, 04:33 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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whats up *****es!!!

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Posted by: Vipera
04-15-2015, 12:51 PM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Are you getting bored of runuo or new uo hera? Looking for something nostalgic?
You will find Sphere 51a truly reproduced on the most recent Sphere Emu to keep all the original behaviors and mechanics!!


No Skill Cap; 230 Stat Cap, with a max of 150 for STR-INT and 100 for DEX (base value)
Sphere 51a game Mechanics
New Custom scripts and systems created specifically for UO Fusion
Felucca PvP Shard plus dungeons areas taken from other maps (PVP is enabled everywhere)
No insurance, FULL-LOOT
No pre-cast, No pre-hit
Speech room to trade safetely
Cast allowed while running/walking
Many special home decorations to steal from dangerous places
Sphere 51a Style PvP/PvM Combat
Newbie Dungeon No PvP Zone to help new players get started.
All of dungeons, since The Second Age to High Seas
Unique armor/weapons (craft/drop/treasure)
The Second Age classic crafting menus
Totally new and revamped guild system
Improved house system, use classic house or build your own from ground
Automatic siege systems
Guarded and non-guarded towns.
Many classic and totally new mounts to tame
Bandage resurrection on a corpse with auto re-equips items
Improved treasure system
Bomberman game
And much more!!

Have a look on our website:

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Posted by: Makaveli
01-19-2015, 11:32 PM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Yo oldies wake up and check out Cataclysmuo allready 40 ppl online atm
i saw some oldies from in1 and inx i started playing my self since yesterday
2 account in total 4 skills you can choose till 50% and it looks nice till so far!!
come check it out!!

cya soon!!!

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Posted by: julito maraña chusco
01-05-2015, 02:51 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Posted by: Ermac
12-13-2014, 05:18 PM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Good morning folks,

Thank you all for showing interest in the shard! We would like to announce that the doors are now open and you may join!

We will be available for questions today about the server, have fun!

We would like to thank Imagine Nation staff and players for keeping the spirit of IN alive and evolving over the years!

Coldrake, Taran, Eru, Maka, and the Image Nation Community, we tip our hat to you!

[Image: slideshow_new_spawns_0.png]

Thank you all,

With much love and respect for Imagine Nation,

Cataclysm Ultima Online
[email protected]

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

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Posted by: Ermac
12-08-2014, 08:56 PM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Hey guys, it's finally time to let everyone know that the spirit of Imagine Nation is very much alive and well and we have a brand new shard to share with you all! We launch on Saturday 12/13/14 and couldn't be more excited!

We have been developing Cataclysm UO quietly for many, many years and we feel the quality will speak for itself. We are a Sphere 51a replica shard on RunUO, with our own independent code and world that is highly inspired by Imagine Nation. The game play reflects the best of Sphere in the style of IN1. We fused the Sphere style with a bit of The Second Age to bring Sphere 51a to the level we feel that it would have been at had it been as mature as RunUO is today.

Here is just a bit of what you can expect form Cataclysm UO!

- 100% Sphere 51a IN1 style gameplay on the RunUO engine.
- Our own unique world with many throwbacks to the original IN.
- Unique code base which isn't based on IN-X or built on top of IN-X.
- Second Age era correct menus, gumps, and naming conventions.
- A unique nostalgic automated GM Rewards system for maxing out your skills.
- Old school crafting, and taming.
- 26 Sphere influenced armors to craft with more to find in the world.
- Much attention to detail to make your experience feel like it's 2001 all over again!

We know that this is a sudden announcement, but we wanted to make sure we were completely ready with a quality product worthy of this community before inviting you all to our website.

I would humbly like to invite all of the IN community to check us out, we are huge fans of Imagine Nation and this reflects in the design and feel of our shard. There is a lot more information about the shard on our website.

Special thanks goes to Coldrake, Taran, Eru, Maka, and the Imagine Nation community for keeping the spirit of IN alive over the years. We are more than happy, proud, and gracious to pick up the torch that is the spirit of IN and create something for all of us to enjoy. We hope to see some of you this weekend in a new world!

With much love for Imagine Nation,

Thank you all very much,

Cataclysm Ultima Online
[email protected]

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

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Posted by: Eru
10-01-2014, 01:44 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Well that's a surprise:

Quote:Our Journey Has Ended



At least older versions are still available, I suppose this just means it won't be keeping up with the later releases of UO unless someone else picks up the project.

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Posted by: Lerrbear
09-28-2014, 11:05 AM
Forum: Ultima Online
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Any of you guys following this? looks promising

Also Cana/Skorp/Redorb/aralith/Taran (if you still check by here) let me know how its hanging buddehs.

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