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Expansion III Launches at Cataclsym Shard brings new features and more IN1...

Greetings friends here at Imagine Nation,

We've completed our third Expansion over here at UO Cataclysm and wanted to share with you guys some of the new features. We are honored to keep the spirit of Imagine Nation burning brightly in our Britannia.

We would love to have any former players and staff of Imagine Nation visit us and say hi. Our Discord server is very active and can be reached by the following link:

Cataclysm Discord:
Cataclysm Website:

If you have been feeling nostalgic, we added some more areas from IN1 so that they may be visited once again.

I'm sure you remember the Crow's Nest Inn
[Image: PpwIk22.png]

And perhaps the good old Trinsic Bank
[Image: NDGXFrX.png]

Or maybe you've been to the darkest depths of Hythloth's Fellowship Hall
[Image: 4pmBe8o.png]

Some notable changes in this Expansion:
  • Arms Lore skill revamp; targeting a player shows a new menu with health bars on each item's durability
  • PvM Points Ladder; earn points in PvM and the top 5 players receive special titles
  • Completely revamped Hythloth dungeon as a linear puzzle dungeon with brand new monsters
  • Armor and weapons now break and have durability per Sphere
  • You can now tinker items with any ingot and the item will retain the ingot's color
  • Added Blaze Orn
  • Lots more features, fixes, and content that would be too much to fit here.

Thank you to the Imagine Nation team for allowing me to post this here. If you have any stories from the old days, we'd love to hear them!

Best regards,

Tantrik Dragon
UO Cataclysm Administrator

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