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Cataclysm Shard still going strong in the spirit of Imagine Nation!

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to let everyone know that Cataclysm shard has been going strong! We've finally beat our record and had over 107 players online recently! Since the Expansion II release and subsequent patches, Cataclysm has established a strong foothold in the UO community and has more features to offer than ever before.

The Dungeon Boss and Treasure Chest system provides and endless dynamic grind for high end rares, either a scavenger hunt to find a chest or a boss to kill in a random dungeon. Global announcements provide a PvP bottleneck and there's been more action than ever before!

Cataclysm shard graciously and gladly holds the torch as the spiritual successor to Imagine Nation and plays exactly like the original did as a Sphere 51a replica shard. With many nostalgic throwbacks and design, you will feel like you've entered a Britannia that you've been missing for many years.

Join us on our very active Discord server:

Here's a screenshot from the Admin Cam to hold you over!

[Image: pX9f7Ot.png]

Best regards,

Tantrik Dragon
Cataclysm Administrator

That's a good news then! Thanks, for the update Tantrik!

KirstinPanetta Wrote:That's a good news then! Thanks, for the update Tantrik!

It's my pleasure, stop by if you are intersted!

Certainly I will!

Just FYI, we had over 100 people online around new years, and over 90 just yesterday Smile

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