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Cataclysmuo CUO 2015

Yo oldies wake up and check out Cataclysmuo allready 40 ppl online atm
i saw some oldies from in1 and inx i started playing my self since yesterday
2 account in total 4 skills you can choose till 50% and it looks nice till so far!!
come check it out!!

cya soon!!!

Hey Maka!

Got nostalgic and googled Imagine Nation and found this. How are you, man!

How's your brother? and Ringo?

Miss you guys!

CUO still going strong Smile

Hi there Dorus & Atlas!
Proximus here!!

CUO is still going strong indeed!

You guys should visit CUO soon! Come and play and life some old memories!

Sup guys! Is this server still alive?

Fable Wrote:Sup guys! Is this server still alive?

Cataclysm UO has been growing and continuing to move forward strongly! We've just hit our one year milestone and are continuing to progress! We're back to 55 players online and busy working on our expansion release, check us out!

Hail All ....

Who are there (Cataclysm) ???

Come check that out :

UO Cataclysm is very much still going strong! We had a huge patch and are providing content updates on a bi weekly basis! Come on by and check out our Expansion release, you won't be dissapointed!

[Image: q3u84YE.png]

Here at UOC we keep the spirit of Imagine Nation burning fresh new and brightly. With the utmost respect to IN and the community, we strive to provide a fun permanent old school Sphere experience to fans of every UO genre. Check us out!

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