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I'll try to give you a weekly update on what's going on from now now. Beginning with this:
  • Added a few wall ids to StaticWalls
  • Changed the hit and miss sound on ExecutionersAxe
  • changed the amount of blan k scrolls a scribe sell from 999 to 45 also
  • changed the cost from 5gp to 6gp eachAdded surcoat to the buy list of tailors and also tried to change name of shirt to "plain Shirt"
  • Added hairstyledeed
  • Fixed a raresvendor buy menu issue.
  • added a new vendor, that is supposed to sell rare items such as rare dyetub
  • fixed some EventSupplier issues.
  • changed some prices on the buy/sell list, added some items to the buy/sell list
  • fixed some tailor buy menu issues and barkeepers sell list
  • ReagentStone, you should now not buy when you close the gump. You should now no longer be able to erase the text on the gump, and bag 1 button should be fixed.
  • added skirts in to the tailor
  • Made it so EV attack everything. I commented out the overridden OnThink method... it wasn't a good way of handling it. I also made the changes to BladeSpirits.cs, because I assumed Blade Spirits behaved the same way.
  • fixed the weaver so it only sells 1 bolt of cloth instead of 4 different ones, then fixed the yarn problem because it sold 3 different types, finally fixed the cloth problem because it sold 4 types of cloth. now all the cloth you can buy/cut from a weaver and a tailor will all be the same item ID along with the bolts and yarn all being the same item id
  • Removed the second type of cloth with itemID 5991 from the Tailor vendor menu. Now all cloth that you can purchase and cut is the same type.
  • Bug ID 0000306: Made it so all corpses are named "Body of x", where x is the name of the mobile that died.
  • Made it so summoned creatures don't count as followers.
  • Fixed a bug where only one creature of a given type would be summoned, and any other summon would just move the one creature to the new location.
  • Fixed it so the Summon Creature spell asks the player where to put the creature, rather than just automatically choosing the players location. Also fixed a typo in one of the messages.
  • Made namechanges to mobs. Capital letters in names and removed "a" and "an" before name
  • Froze the casino to the world, added decoration inside.
  • Moved some places in GA to other parts of the world, not finished.

  • Removed deeds from the barkeepers sell list
  • Removed Bulkorders from, Blacksmith,Weaponsmith,Tailor & Weaver.

PS. Its fun with a weekly update when its only tuesday =), what taran and i posted have been done the last two days , probably along with some other things aswell..

im not sure im allowed to say this but there will be a pretty nice gambling place on IN:X with loads of diffrent slot machines etc.
(only saying this cause taran said he did freeze the casino)

[Image: ginzodium.jpg]
holding hands <3

It's getting closer! :icon_dance:

[Image: sigpicc123.png]

Good jobb Big Grin (shit did that come from me! aww fyck it! Awesome work!) Big Grin

Nah it hasn't been done in just 2 days Odium hehe. Much has been done in 2 days though, but not everything.

And we already announced there will be a casino, so you don't have to worry Wink

Taran Wrote:Nah it hasn't been done in just 2 days Odium hehe. Much has been done in 2 days though, but not everything.

And we already announced there will be a casino, so you don't have to worry Wink

aww your totaly right, again. (silly me who cant look at what you type and the bugsite at the same time, for the dates) =P
my apologizes Big Grin

[Image: ginzodium.jpg]
holding hands <3

Yes it has been revealed that there is a casino, but it has not been disclosed what games we exactly have in the casino. I am sure that alot of players will be pleasently surprised at what I have added to the casino when they see it.

Taran Wrote:Made it so summoned creatures don't count as followers.

Does this imply that the number on tamed creatures alllowed per player is limited? I don't think 51a had a limit on the number of animals a player could have.

On the contrary, since we made it so summoned creatures don't count as followers there will be no limit on the bumbers of animals a player can have.

exactly you still have the x/5 followers thing on your healtbar but if you have 8 animals it says 8/5 followers. so theres no limit like it was on sphere

[Image: ginzodium.jpg]
holding hands <3

you can probably change one of those files...what is it...verdata or something? To a more sphere like look - not the runUO status bar.

[Image: Cole_Green.JPG]

We wanted to do that, but it turned out it was much more complicated than just changing the verdata Sad

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