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How many are still here from IN1/2??

Well I would think that if we start a new shard it would be a base from IN:R but with updated features from some of the newer uo things. as far as skill goes that would be up for debate. I think if there is a skill cap it can't just be on crafting skills it would have to be say a 1000 skill cap or something and you get to choose where you want to put the skills at. If you put a cap just on crafting that wouldn't be balanced at all..

About hosting, if we are really going to do something, my new computer is more than capable of hosting a few thousand players I'd say (i7 2.93g quad core, 80g SSD boot drive, 8gigs of ram, etc). My connection isn't amazing but based on the tests Taran ran when switching to his home connection, it is more than enough to handle it. I don't exactly want to host it from my house but I wouldn't say no if there was no other available options.

About using WoW or some other gaming engine... While it is possible to take a WoW clone and totally redo it into a UO style, it would take some serious time and massive development. Besides, UO wouldn't be UO if it was running on another game. It isn't too hard to add new graphics into the UO client though. I wanted to do something like that during INX but didn't bother getting into because it was likely to go unappreciated.

I personally would like to boot up the INX files, with a few tweaks beforehand, and add to it from there. That way there wouldn't be a huge wait time if/when we decide to get the ball rolling. Though I still don't see much response on the forum warranting it... maybe spread the word that there might be a chance and we can go from there.. or something.

Come on now, let's not start talking about bring a IN server back. I don't want to have to reinstall UO lol Smile

P.S. Hi everyone, (If you remember me Smile ) lol

[Image: vampire2.gif]

Yeah stop talking about another IN server, I won't be dragged into this again. I won't!! *stays strong*

Taran Wrote:Yeah stop talking about another IN server, I won't be dragged into this again. I won't!! *stays strong*
I'll give you belly rubs.

We aren't talking about just another IN server though. We are talking about the final IN server that will have over a decade of experience poured into it!

Now stop being a baby about it and be a part of something better.

IN1 and INR Gladrio [SAV], IN:X Galdor [Vampire]

I think; we have already a shard, just need reopen and restart where staffs stoped. I read on forums Maka accept to use shards and scrpting why you thinking...
And UO is an old game and thats why we love UO...
Agreed whith Shade; More player online is not mean everything is alright and good...
At last i have a big hope to re open...




Well shade you are not that far from me so the ping would be around the same if you did a server. Only diffrence is I don't use this computer at all so it would be only a server and not used for anything else. And it would be empty so I don't know if that would help or not. But I can find out in about a week if you want to test it out.

People should probably stop speaking for maka. It is impolite, and since no one here really knows him, it's most likely wrong. Then again, I guess it doesn't matter, but it could.

Problem with not having a good dedicated host in a safe place is that all the problems you guys experience in life will be experienced by the server. When it was at tarans place the problems were not that many, but having it in a less stable environment is just waiting for something to happen. Money, electricity, raids, hospitals, police, the weather and what not will all cause server downtime. Most people have different RL problems and life goes up and down for everyone, that is where the host comes in and saves you...

When did you last play a successful long running server that was hosted at home?

Well I just bought my house in april. Haven't lost power once "yet" I have a computer I could dedicate for just a server and as far as the other stuff I was a cop and now a state correctional officer so I don't have to worry about police and I have never seen or heard of a raid in my area. Weather is kinda bad at times but back to it's never taken my power or my internet out. And I myself have never spoken for maka. I can't think of anything in my RL that would stop me from haveing the server up. and the worst that could give other people remote access to it for the fact that I have nothing on it so they could restart the server if it did go down.

AoS, no insurance, its a niche market, its good gameplay and it doesnt need epic amounts of tweaking and rebuilding the whole damn thing from scratch.

for the love of god!

Viz, I didn't list everything that could happen, for you, those things might not even be probable. What I was trying to say was that things happen in life that will be the root for some **** ups. I think that there was some misfortune at tarans place in the begging too, it just happens.

Also, (almost?) everyone on the staff team has been here on and off (this is not a call out), interest for UO goes up and down or life take its toll. That is just the way of things, and that, according to me, is one of the reasons not everyone should host a shard at home. There are a lot of others but no point in really listing them.

Now if it is done or not is not really up to me, nor do I care that much, but I do think you should know that there are complications that you're not seeing. If it is done or not is not really all that interesting, how is a lot more fun and complicated though.

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