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Full Version: How many are still here from IN1/2??
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How many still check these forums. I must say I am more than surprised to see the old shard still somewhat around, though it seems it has now closed. Targan, it's truly amazing you kept it alive all this long.
Im from IN1 Smile
Hey Aed, long time no see, hehe.

Yeah it's been closed for a while now. Some people still want to see IN up and running again, but not enough to make it worth the effort to set one up again.
What effort? First of all, I'm sure Maka would allow us to use IN:X-scripts as base to make up a new shard.

I would love to help out in any way I can and would problably get motivation to learn some basic scripting. My impression of Shade is that he would also enjoy scripting and making a new IN.

The work, making up ideas and forming the new shard = The effort = What's fun. This time without all the XUOers who has earlier been rejecting every single, brilliant idea because it would ruin their PVP. Think about it. This time you'll be allowed to make it your way.
There would be a fair amount of work involved no matter what really. I would be down for starting a new shard, even if it was for a small playerbase. However Taran thinks small playerbase = fail... because he is a newb.

Would another IN really work? IN:R had a big playerbase, I remember 140s+ during most of the day, but the devs didnt have the time to fix too much. Now it seems we are in the absolute opposite position, where we have people who would sink some time in it but not many people who care to start up on another shard.

I guess I wouldn't be all that thrilled to put more time and effort into something that only a handful of people got to enjoy but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try. Guess that just means I'm not a quitter like Taran! Honestly though, so long as we had players who were nice and that were having a good time I wouldn't care all that much about the numbers.

IN can be recreated a million times but what made IN was the community, in my eyes, but can that be recreated along with the server? Only one way to find out really.... So we doing this or what? I have too much free time...
I'm in! Start it up! Big Grin
I'm willing to do XMLSpawns, XMLQuests, Lore and Storyline development, etc. Even if noone's playing, it's fun to get on and develop the shard as a GM. I think that if we have enough GMs who enjoy developing then the players will come automatically.

This time though, leave development to staff and only fix major player complaints such as bugs, etc. I think that a fluctuating PVP environment will be more interesting anyway. As it is now, it's been the same PVP for years and years. The people who know the tricks dominate and it's hard for new people to get into it. If the PVP were in a constant flux, then new tricks can come and go and you're constantly having to keep up with the flow.

I'm pretty sure another UO shard won't work without something hugely new and/or addictive.

Also: I'm amused that Ean posted just days before Aed. I remember getting royally owned in some battlefield knock-off game with yall ...and I remember getting violated repeatedly in SWG too. Woo ;/
Nasir Wrote:I'm pretty sure another UO shard won't work without something hugely new and/or addictive.

Also: I'm amused that Ean posted just days before Aed. I remember getting royally owned in some battlefield knock-off game with yall ...and I remember getting violated repeatedly in SWG too. Woo ;/

I agree with Nasir, UO is an old game and we should innovate somehow, implement some of the features avalaible in recent expansions, making the player evolution more slow (to maintain players, instead of making possible to have a full char in few weeks), something that makes the economy stable (like professions, instead of being possible to gm everything), i don't know. Just open the shard and the future we will see, but without trying we will never know. Of course, without losing the shard identity... but an open mind is always good.

Most of the times i have fun walking in a empty shard (in a server as localhost) just exploring, designing structures, scripting and so on (just to learn C#, i needed it for a computer science project, lol). We have everything to make a good shard...
but we have to decide the shard style, the shard identity, the shard core and basis... merging to distinct styles just to have a good playerbase isn't a good idea... . IN had his identity, his style... now it's time to maintain and innovate.

There are good ideas for this style of shard... try them out!

I already said I have alot of spare time and im game. But it looks to me like a hopeless subject. I have 2 extra computers. I could run a server off of one of those but not sure how well that would work for everyone... And last time I ran a server it was sphere so I can't honestly say I would know what the hell im doing with runuo. But Im willing to give it a shot.
Even if we came up with a new idea or feature, chances are it would just be a gimmick that drew in some people quickly but probably wouldn't keep them. The real issue is building a community at the same time we build/start a shard. I mean, it would be nothing to add something new, for example we could use the flying system... and mimic the xmlsiege system where instead of giving buildings hp, they could fly/move around the world... or something :p
a community? i bet we could build a good community... there are players to start building it.
my last words,... without trying we will never know for sure. i still don't know why some of the staff is so apreensive with the possibility to try again.
Damn, i've tried a lot of games since INX closed, but i always keep coming back to UO and checking these forums (like many others). Why don't i play UO in another server? because i have the feeling that nothing compares to INX, or with the community we had somehow.
We will start with 20/30 players, and so what? let's see...
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