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So whos from xuo and whos from imagine nation?

Hey... congrats all...

From İn:R and also played İn1...Big Grin

And Viz i like your avatar Wink

Im from IN:R Big Grin Big Grin Cry Big Grin


Ofcourse i will be on the side of IN:X to
I'm from Xuo and been playing there for 5 1/2 year

hi, i played last version of xuo for something about 3-4 months, also was playin on char named "Mcl" and some other charsSmile

I be from tha fair seas of IN:R

Yar a Pirate I be, if ye be wishin
then ye can come plunder with me
[Image: cantindye8.jpg]

Thats a nice sigBig Grin

Dunno for how long I've been playing IN but I think IN1 had been online for almost a year. Played there til it went down. Tried IN2 for like a week but hated all that AoS crap so I quit.

Been playing IN:R since day one.

Imagine Nation 1
Zoalqill [PoD], [SIN]
Keune [SIN]
Bungah [Goblin]
Viper [Madmen]

Imagine Nation: Reborn
Cochise [Citizen], [DTE]

[Image: 186317photonp2.gif][Image: rendered_yoshi.gif]
The Ultimate Skill Biatch
Want anything crafted? I'm your guy![/COLOR]

XUO since the very beginning, 5-6 years ago.

LOL at that pic and avatar!Tongue

Maka don't offend him, you know he is evil. But he still loves little pupies


maka Wrote:LOL at that pic and avatar!Tongue

Was a lil bored so figured I'd have some fun in photoshop ;p

blackfog Wrote:Maka don't offend him, you know he is evil. But he still loves little pupies

I think he likes it Wink

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