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Uo Shard ?

Hey Everyone...
I know it's all been a long time since we have played or seen each other. 
Apparently this shard stems from Imagine Nation

If anyone is interested in Playing again, I see some of us have already started playing there... 
Here is The Discord channel for it :
Here is the Website :

Come check it out if you havn't if you Have
Hit me up in game, Going to be looking for some Guild mates or Just to see and chat with some familiar faces.    

Never stare to long at a gazer...

How old is this shard? Are people geared up?

The shard has been open since 12/13/14. We have an active community of both newbies, intermediate, and veteran players. We would love to have you stop by. We live on in the spirit of Imagine Nation. You should find it very familiar, but a whole new world to explore.

Kind regards,

Tantrik Dragon

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