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Thinking on hosting Imagine nation ( european version).

Im here to say im thinking to host Imagine nation shard on european dedicated host.
Im here to ask u guys what do you think about it?
Thank you,i think Imagine nation is for sure playable and for sure funny to play.

hey dude , in this moment there are one server similar .
People of IN playing in this server too.

yep chusco u right, but for me its 200-300 ping all days

Few friends of mine already tried to get me playing at cataclysmuo, but ping over 200 plus injection being restricted made me drop the idea of playing there (Altho I still think it's possible to make injection work there, but can't say for sure since I never tried) without even downloading the necessary files...
So if there was a european alternative I'm not sure how often I'd play, but I'd definitely play from time to time. xd

There is 70+ people on daily at Cataclysm. I have no lag issues whatsoever.

from east europe all have ping more 150, its good for pve, but in pvp is slowmotion

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