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We are live! Cataclysm UO has officialy launched!

Good morning folks,

Thank you all for showing interest in the shard! We would like to announce that the doors are now open and you may join!

We will be available for questions today about the server, have fun!

We would like to thank Imagine Nation staff and players for keeping the spirit of IN alive and evolving over the years!

Coldrake, Taran, Eru, Maka, and the Image Nation Community, we tip our hat to you!

[Image: slideshow_new_spawns_0.png]

Thank you all,

With much love and respect for Imagine Nation,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

1 qustion, i cant register on forum, 2 its really stupids anatomy change Anatomy +28,4 for 8 hour


Thanks for the feedback. We will be fixing skill and stat gains tomorrow, we didn't want to restart the server while people are macroing over night. We will also be giving 2 extra skills at 50 each as well on a skill stone to help everyone along. Thanks for letting us know about the forums, we will have that fixed too and are looking forward to some new posts. We spent our time today working on a lag issue, and will for sure be fixing the rest tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us on launch day,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

dude realy its bad, ppl stay 24-7 and noyhing Sad

We already started working on fixing these issues, when the server restarts the changes will be live.

Thanks man,

Cataclysm Ultima Onine

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

Hey guys,

Thanks all who played on launch day! We were happy to get some good feedback and have implemented the following changes.

- Skill and stat gains were slower than expected. These will be sped up. You will also gain 3x as fast when you are fighting monsters (pvm).

- We will give players the opportunity to choose 2 more skills at 50.0, on a skill stone.

- We are aware that nobody can register for the forums, registration will be fixed.

- We have been working on fixing a minor lag issue and are set up to have it fixed tomorrow.

- Various issues with the forums have been fixed and you should now be able to register and post on any discussion board.

Thanks again guys!

Since our forums are working, I would like to invite all new discussions about CUO to be posted there out of respect for IN's forums.

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

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