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Picking up the torch... The next Imagine Nation launches this weekend! Cataclysm UO.

Hey guys, it's finally time to let everyone know that the spirit of Imagine Nation is very much alive and well and we have a brand new shard to share with you all! We launch on Saturday 12/13/14 and couldn't be more excited!

We have been developing Cataclysm UO quietly for many, many years and we feel the quality will speak for itself. We are a Sphere 51a replica shard on RunUO, with our own independent code and world that is highly inspired by Imagine Nation. The game play reflects the best of Sphere in the style of IN1. We fused the Sphere style with a bit of The Second Age to bring Sphere 51a to the level we feel that it would have been at had it been as mature as RunUO is today.

Here is just a bit of what you can expect form Cataclysm UO!

- 100% Sphere 51a IN1 style gameplay on the RunUO engine.
- Our own unique world with many throwbacks to the original IN.
- Unique code base which isn't based on IN-X or built on top of IN-X.
- Second Age era correct menus, gumps, and naming conventions.
- A unique nostalgic automated GM Rewards system for maxing out your skills.
- Old school crafting, and taming.
- 26 Sphere influenced armors to craft with more to find in the world.
- Much attention to detail to make your experience feel like it's 2001 all over again!

We know that this is a sudden announcement, but we wanted to make sure we were completely ready with a quality product worthy of this community before inviting you all to our website.

I would humbly like to invite all of the IN community to check us out, we are huge fans of Imagine Nation and this reflects in the design and feel of our shard. There is a lot more information about the shard on our website.

Special thanks goes to Coldrake, Taran, Eru, Maka, and the Imagine Nation community for keeping the spirit of IN alive over the years. We are more than happy, proud, and gracious to pick up the torch that is the spirit of IN and create something for all of us to enjoy. We hope to see some of you this weekend in a new world!

With much love for Imagine Nation,

Thank you all very much,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

man any up for start? mean skill and other? i think noone today can macroing everyday how it be on in(inx)

this looks pretty amazing..but not really anyone playing Sad would be very hard to start again and macro all skills...but it does look really nice.. i may have to pop in just for fun..

the server I see very well
It is the style of server that all or almost all of us have played.
in the last few years I've seen servers were just garbage.
I will come in to try to remember old times but what they say my fellow skills needed to start

Hello folks,

So happy to hear your responses to this post. Your replies, compliments, and concerns are much appreciated and will help us prepare a better launch day for you!

Nobody is playing the shard yet, because it launches this Saturday 12/13/14 at 7:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00). That is why you see nobody online currently! We wanted to let the community we built this for, all of you, know about it in as much advance notice as possible!

The nice thing about a new shard like this is everyone will be starting on a clean slate in a fresh new world, so no one will have an advantage and it will be a level playing field for everyone. Skill gains are modeled directly from Sphere, so those who have played the original IN1 should be comfortable with the rate at which their characters progress. However, we know that training is hard for some players which is why we have other ways to smooth the process along and offer some incentive!

We have an automated GM Rewards system in place where you receive reward items for training up those tough skills to 100.0% just like on IN1. Those players should feel like they really earned something for achieving their maxed skill. We also have an era correct loot system, and gold drops are really nice like on the original shard. Buying supplies to train your skills should not be a problem, it should be more than fun collecting cash in the world and training your character!

We thought long and hard about skill difficulty, but we figured we would be doing the community a disservice by making gains faster than the era allows. This is a Imagine Nation 1 inspired Sphere 51a replica shard on RunUO and our main goal was being era accurate to Sphere 51a and Imagine Nation.

We liked IN1 because the true elite players were elite because they had to explore the world, train their skills, and fight their way to the top! We hope to capture some of that magic once again.

All in all, we spent long years developing this shard not for us, but for the Imagine Nation community, and all of you. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the project and we will be happy to listen!

For those who haven't seen our site yet, check it out here:

We hope to see some of you at our launch this Saturday the 13th!

Thank you all,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

Here is a little teaser for you guys...

Here is an example of our version of Serpent's Hold. It is a Chaos town run by Vampires and Daemons. The NPC's reflect the town theme.

[Image: teaser_serps_0.png]

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

Hey folks,

Here's another teaser screenshot of some Imagine Nation inspired work on our server. This image was taken in Despise, and there's plenty more IN themed areas where this came from!

Only one more day, on track for launch Saturday, 12/13/14 at 7:00AM PST! (GMT -8:00)

[Image: teaser_despise.png]

Hope you all are having a good week,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

Sounds interesting,

Are you using any of Imagine Nation scripts or have you coded everything yourself?
And if you have done everything yourself, why not use IN's scripts instead of having to do everything yourself?

We very much appreciate your interest in the project,

We have our own independent code base that is not based on, or built on top of IN:X. When we first started this project, Imagine Nation Xtreme was up and running and it's play-style was that of XUO. Although we appreciated the direction IN:X was going, we felt a desire to start a project that was IN1 style game-play mechanics in all aspects. Our overall goal was to have a shard that is a fully immersive Imagine Nation 1 experience. This was long before the IN:X code base was released, and by the time it was available, most of our development was already completed. We continued to polish the project since that time and feel we have a product worth of presenting to the community.

We appreciate the IN:X code base as a reference point. It's nice to know that if there's something that we need to look into, we are able to see how it was done on IN:X.

When it comes down to it, we are huge fans of IN, in all of its incarnations and have played them ourselves. We wanted to create something different, worthy of the community, that we started from the beginning with one vision in mind.

Thank you,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

Well, the weeks over..

Tomorrow's the big day, Smile

Were all geared up and will be up bright and early tomorrow for launch at 7:00 AM PST!

Thank you folks,

Cataclysm Ultima Online

[Image: uoportalbanner.png]

ill prob make an account and see whats up for sure! i work weekends so maybe you will see me come monday ;D

[Image: 6b241e79b0c6t.jpg]

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