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Releasing scripts

quik question if anyone is here..... love the shard, thnx for releasing, me and my kids play it alot.... how hard would it be to upgrade core to playuo, or even runuo 2.5? would i just need to overwrite the data files and server core? or would that messs up the custom stuff? thanks if you can answer this....

Hi everyone !

Remembering the old good times, I found this post - I used to play on IN1 as Calvin[Virtue].

I wanted to test those scripts with the same RunUO that was used before.
I Did some research, and managed to have a RunUo svn 836 running under unbuntu 22.04, with UO Client

Well, seeing UO screen 20 years later is quite exciting !! It was worth it only for that :-)

But now, I continue digging and I see that there was a new server (IN UO Reborn) launched in 2013 that mysteriously dissapeared.
I saw all the posts from Murrdah, it seems that some work has been done to solve some bugs, but it's not clear to me what, why and what it become.

Anyways, so ... now what ?

I was thinking about making some fix and hosting an instance.
At first I naively believed it was all about having RunUO running, monitoring the server and fixing a bug from time to time.
But from what I can read, it seems that it's a lot of work and requieres a lot of dedication (though I don't really see why exactly).

So, I'm just posting this here to see if I can get some input. Are there people still up to try to reboot (again) imagine nation 20 years later ?
Do you have some advices on the feasabilty, difficulties ?

Thanks for you input !

[quote pid="67099" dateline="1661943751"]
While I do not have any insight into what it would take, I would be down with the nation once more.

Hey, well it's good to hear !
Now I fear there is not much people still Reading this forum.

To give an update :

I had IN running locally and tested, it sounds ok at first.

Besides, i also tried UO Outland a few hours. It seems ... Well organised and all. But i didn't hang on.

I also tried mortal online 2 which is kind of UO but in 3D / First Person. Well didn't like it much.

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