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Releasing scripts

Go for it Elcid. Big Grin

If someone manages to get a decent host up, I'd be willing to help occasionally with XML Quests/Spawners. TBH, I've kindof missed playing with my XML Legos, it's just the rest of running a shard that is tiring to me.

Please don't tease me guys...

I'm not teasing. Big Grin I think the main problem everyone runs into is finding a reliable host that doesn't cost too much. We were lucky having Taran live in place that doesn't have third world internet like the US.

Ooh, Soon, Austin will have Google Fiber... when I get hooked up, I could easily host a server or something from my house. That would be a while from now, plus I don't know the C# to do server-side scripting... plus then I'd have to be doing stuff besides playing with XML legos... hmm.. 困った。。。

Eru Wrote:Ooh, Soon, Austin will have Google Fiber...

Late 2014, correct?

Lamby Wrote:Can we get some links to client downloads and whatnot? I deleted all my uo related stuff. I also tried using the IN patcher, but apparently it been replaced by some creepy malware... Big Grin

Dohoho. I was wondering when someone would notice that. Big Grin It's not really malware though, just meant to be creepy.

tranith Wrote:Eventually there's gonna be like 50 Imagine Nation clone type servers out there.

That's why I put the old intro video for UO on the front page. Big Grin Distributing the scripts and letting lots of similar shards pop up, then slowly drift apart and change in their own ways and have their own players... seems to fit perfectly with the original UO lore.

tranith Wrote:That's awesome, nice webpage again Smile Good reference for newer players and will still attract people to maybe play again.

Lol was just thinking of a funny problem tho, after releasing the scripts for anyone and everyone.
Eventually there's gonna be like 50 Imagine Nation clone type servers out there. well maybe not 50 but atleast a dozen.
Gonna be tricky trying to decide which new host/admin is the most serious lol
I picked Elcid since he was the first, lets hope its legit lol.
Been online one day already got 110k. think it was a bug with the slot machines, alot of them already had credits remaining on them lol..Not anymore Smile aha
I got half the members of RIP in skype still, trying to touch base with them..

Im almost tempted to learn RUNuo and set up my own server lol. ill give me a couple weeks for Elcid to get some players first lol

Hehe yeah there are a few quirks left over in the old work saves. Ill let that one slide. Just be nice to new players.

Will be interesting to see who makes the most of the files. Like Taran has said its a lot of work and effort to run a successful shard.

Not sure , maybe i interpreted text wrong..
But didn't someone say taran was lucky enough to have free or cheap hosting?... which seemed to work well.

Surely someone here is buddies with him Smile what if a deal was to be worked out where he continued to host the scripts with some sort of remote admin access type deal..
Maybe that;s asking to much.. lol.. i can see it now eventually taran will be talked back into UO lmao..
but no on a serious note, if he has capable hosts and no one can find one, maybe he can set it up and collect a fee for his bandwidth. im going out way on a limb here. tree limb not a human arm limb

I think it needs more of a WOW feel,
I tried a uofreedom shard, it was like walking around slaying shit easily... till you worked your way up (skillS) to fight some harder more worthy monsters...
But it didn';t have a nice noobie dungeon area set up like IN.
but over all, i think to make UO more creative and attractive is to keep it how IN was, but more of a WOW feel, hard to explain.
In simply terms. MORE QUESTS... with more rewards and levels of quests with better rewards.
Ill be honest only reason i loved this server, was because of the noob dungeon, beast claws and spears and orbs for raising skills.. items you capture n collect after killing to trade in for an ACTUAL reward.. that feeling is great and uncomparable to just setting a macro every night before you go to sleep and having nightmares n walking up mid night way to check if the macro didn't fail.. lol.

Anyways.. just an idea.. im sure someone can relate Smile time to make uo fresh again and i felt IN was well on the way.

Yeah, I tried adding a bunch of quests in random places. The XML Quest system is really weird though and makes quest coding fast, but a pain. The debugging takes a while too until you get the hang of it. I should download the files and try making like a Youtube series on how to use the XML Spawners/quests, maybe.

Good to hear man, yea quests is where its at.
Who designed and created the Weapon recipe quests?
Man i was hooked on those... Like the puzzles and maze's and the venturing around all over the wolrd back n forth to find clues or pass phrases to open a door n what not.. that shit was brilliant..
If only there were like 100 or more of those....
**** the macroing give free skills. make the game about pking fighting and QUESTS lol Smile
Blah wish i knew how to script Csharp lol.

Prototype Wins.

Thank you for still remembering us.

sm0ke professional League player yeeeeeeeee
scare still BANNED LOL
silver still BOSS
aptar still MIA
Relik rich now
Kute a mercenary.

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