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Releasing scripts

should say
sm0ke professional likes it in the butt
scare still puts it in smokes butt
silver still ok
aptar WHO!?
Relik WHo!?

Kute like i said who! ?!!?

LudaKrishna25 Wrote:Prototype Wins.

Thank you for still remembering us.

sm0ke professional League player yeeeeeeeee
scare still BANNED LOL
silver still BOSS
aptar still MIA
Relik rich now
Kute a mercenary.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA smoke would be a professional LoL player because that game is for chumps.

Moved the posts about Elcid's server here:

Taran ,
What do you think about in-patcher ? Can you share pacther files ?

I'll be releasing the patcher eventually. The problem is that I need to convert it over so that it can be customized for different shards. Right now, all the IN links are hard-coded into it. :/

I went ahead and posted the raw code here:

IN_Patcher.au3 : The program that the user runs.
UpdateSwap.au3 : The patcher can't delete or overwrite itself, so when it updates, it executes UpdateSwap, then closes, then UpdateSwap overwrites and launches the newly downloaded update.

UpdateStatics.au3 : Does some fancy MD5 hasing to see if the static files have updates. If they have, zip them all up and update the
IGCU.au3 : In-Game Change Updater - Just writes some fancy stuff to a text file in a specific format for including in a page via dropbox like this:

It's missing some image files, etc:

Patcher.ico : Icon for the patcher.
title.jpg : The image that it shows at the top of the patcher.

also, login.cfg is automatically included. I may change how that works since I'm not sure if it's really needed.

I think it also needs zip.au3 library, but it's not mine so I didn't include it in the source. google should find it.

I'll update the code and add links to the relevent sources when I get time.

Thank you Eru.

Did you create i-n mysql database tables? Can you share sql and php (status etc.) files ?

You mean the database for the player vendor status or for the anti-macro gump?

I made neither one, though.

Ah, it seems Github doesn't recognize sql files. I'll upload them to the website when I get time.

To the INUO Staff,

Took me a while to take the time to make a forum account, but I personally wanted to thank all of you for releasing the server files and re inspiring interest in Imagine Nation. I have been a fan of IN since IN1, and followed it over the years. I just want you to know there still are a lot of us out here who remember IN and always will be fans.

Interested to see what happens next, and am happy to finally join the forums, as I have been lurking, since, well, IN1.

Thanks guys!

Eru Wrote:I'm not teasing. Big Grin I think the main problem everyone runs into is finding a reliable host that doesn't cost too much. We were lucky having Taran live in place that doesn't have third world internet like the US.

Ooh, Soon, Austin will have Google Fiber... when I get hooked up, I could easily host a server or something from my house. That would be a while from now, plus I don't know the C# to do server-side scripting... plus then I'd have to be doing stuff besides playing with XML legos... hmm.. 困った。。。

Yesss XML spawner is fun to get creative with =] If I was hosting I'd go out of my way to get Eru to work with me on XML, he was/is good at it. I think Elcid is pretty decent too if im not mistaken Wink

I've reopened my C# book again hehe. It's gonna take a few weeks but I really want to re-familiarize myself with it so I can script well for UO.

C# blows my mind every time I try to learn it. I think my brain is so thoroughly wrapped around scripting languages that compiled languages have become incompatible with my thinking patterns. Big Grin The XML spawners remind me a lot of the Bash language; lots of different things all working together, usually haphazardly, but in the end, you can come up with something that works relatively quickly and easily without having to recompile anything. Big Grin

Haha that sounds like me too. My brain hurt trying to look at C# code, but I love scripting in Matlab and Python and such things.

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