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Day Z

For anyone interested, I'm installing Arma 2 / Day Z. Sounds pretty awesome. Would be pretty cool to start an IN posse and troll like bauses.

It's the first game I've seen in a long time with real PK risk, real looting, and reason not to die. (for more info)

Heh its a pretty crazy game. Its also pretty difficult to get a large group together as you dont get a map to start (you pretty much start with nothing). There's a lot of dying in this game btw Tongue But worth doing. I haven't played in a while but i might join ya so we can get rocked by zombies together Wink

yea apparently I need to find a map ;\

what happens when you die? I my self be wondering about this game.

when you die your dead.

Game is on point for those interested. It's tons of fun to set up camp in Elektro and pick off people, and even more fun to follow a trail of running zombies and finish off someone.

EDIT - There's your map. The best place hands down to pick up all your tools when you first start is Elektro, that damn supermarket and surrounding area. Once you get the hang of maneuvering around zombies then the area is cake. However, it's camped at all times by bandits(Myself included).

i downloaded and played day z i like it but it soo freaking hard.. the zombies are no problem but finding the items you need and making friends :p people shoot you on sight even if you have no weapons... i just came home and saw Counterstrike Global offensive it released so iam also trying that one...

The bugs got old fast.

appears like it'll be better.

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