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hey! long time no see lol

Wow....has been years since I played IN!!!!

Last time i played was sphere lol. And i was forced to role play a vampire Tongue

Looking to join up, but just wondering what the story is? Is it still going or what? Seems there isnt much activity recently in the way of news and stuff? ;/

Also i can help out with scripts, i make my own tournaments and events when im bored. Maybe might like to use some of them? Is there a script submission section?

Hello! Just a side question.. the scripts you mentioned are for sphere?

oh no lol. I script in C+ for RunUO Tongue

C+? :\

I script in Java for RunUO

Mito Wrote:I script in Java for RunUO

Thats why we had so much bugs on last attempt of XUO! damn you mex

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