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IN2 Style Champions

On IN2, champions were set up to spawn one at a time at one of, like, six random locations. One for each champ. Maybe that's something that could be implemented here? Champions are essentially monster bashes with phat lewt... they're fun for PKs to raid and fun for groups to defend.

I never checked out Champions on IN2. Were they similar to the ones on the pay-to-play shards? Get all the skulls and spawn the Harrower.

Yea they were identical except only one champion was spawned at a time and there was a day or so delay between respawns so it took a lot of time/effort to spawn the harrower. I think only one guild ever did it, heh.

I'm in favour but:

1) What do we replace the powerscrolls with?

2) How do we account for the fact that each player is about 100x more powerful than an AoS player because of no skill cap and no freezing on cast and no limit to the number of controlled/summoned creatures?

If we can figure those two things out then maybe we can look at doing something. I'd love to see champion spawns around again, just not sure how to implement it.

You could repace powerscrolls with crafting books? You would gain +1 to +5 in a crafting skill.

I think the champs have already been converted over to being usable without giving power scrolls, etc. Big Grin

The events that I saw were still pretty tough, but it wasn't just the champion spawn. There were usually like an hour of monsters or something.

I'd like to incorporate these into some sort of end-game quest and maybe make them spawn on a long timer. (like 1 per 5-6 days)

Maybe have all of them spawn, then the Harrower spawns the next time.

The way it usually works is 15 (or 20?) waves of monsters, to pass a wave your rate of killing must be high enough, otherwise you get stuck constantly bogged down in monsters from that wave and you don't move on to the next, once you reach the final wave the boss/champion spawns. Each time you kill a champion you get a trophy item, you need the trophy items from all 5(6? it's been a while) champions before you can go to the altar of the harrower and summon the harrower, who again works in a pretty similar way, only much harder.

If they are already converted we could always put down just 1 spawn and see how it goes? I wasn't aware of them being converted so I'm wondering what we did to replace power scrolls, and if they've been tested to see if they are still hard enough with players who have no skill cap.

I don't believe anything else was changed besides not giving power scrolls.

I changed some stuff back on IN:X like giving gold and items automatically to players depending on how much damage they dealt to the boss.

I thought Yanko changed some stuff there ? He was speaking of them as of "his" and not RunUO champions too much xd

Plus these weren't really easy on INX, I remember Lord Oaks was taking ages to kill, let alone Harrower. And that was when the event was held in No-PvP/No-Loot/No-Cut region.

I remember there were some issues with humanoid champions (like Neira and the other guy), people used to put wooden boxes around thus making them immobile. But well even simple change of a weapon from scimitar to a bow would fix that issue xd

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