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Taran or Eru, would you mind providing an answer?

Get a new staff member so there can be more events. THE REASON WHY IT IS GOING DOWN BECAUSE THERE ARE NO EVENTS GOING ON. NO EVENTS even makes me wanna play less because it's just gets boring sometimes. ALL WE BEG.. YES BEG for is to have someone on during the day over here in EST, we have the night time "covered" as you say. We need another one over here so events can happen. All I ask for. I am willing to do it as I told and posted, i don't care if I don't get full power, just to host events I will do. Fix some peoples problems that they are having too... do something recently please.

Loki Wrote:4) Darken, why are you still here? You whine a lot and claim not to play, so quit wasting everyone's time yeah? If you have it all worked out then please go ahead and make your own UO server somewhere. Just because you hate D3 and having nothing else to do but bitcdh on a game server forum where you don't even play doesn't mean the same applies to the rest of the players who are not currently playing.

Indeed... with this direct type of awnsers to mortals, who wouldnt leave? very... Pro...

Darken Rahl Wrote:Oh I am one to call bullshit... This is a dead shard because of the lack of development from staff, as well as the over-development and horrendous ideas that have since been installed into this sever. You had a huge player base, everyone was fit and ready to keep throwing money away to your pockets and you screwed it up, there really is no other excuse. Yes, please keep preaching IN took yet ANOTHER dive due to newer video games and current weather. Face it, IN has died time and time again, you obviously do not know how to run a UO server.There are still servers with a ton of players out there. It would seem D3 and the summer months didn't affect them, why would that be the root cause of decline on this server? Especially since it's one of the few widely known servers that has been remade over and over, and one of the oldest around. Please, face the music, continue to play D3 since you would rather spend time on that than this, and stop making excuses. IN is dead. But this time, really, you should just let it die.
Download that, install it, customize the core, script a ton of quests, IRC chat and a tournament system. You can find XMLSpawners with a google search. Once you've got that installed, you can google more for the virtually non-existent documentation for it. Spawn the world with creatures, custom events, etc. Then you'll need a website and a dedicated server with various links between the two to keep the site updated with server status and vendor information. Hire and police a staff team, draw in players, and keep them.

You may take one day off per two weeks, but you will be severely reprimanded for doing so.

Once you've got it up to 200 players, please let us know what we're doing wrong.

Ayleth Payne Wrote:the original question was still never answered
Sorry, I kindof got lost in typing and forgot to re-read the original question.

Are there plans to hire more staff? I dunno, I don't hire people.

Are there plans to develop the shard more? Yes and no. Yes because I think our staff enjoys scripting, adding quests and tinkering with things to make it work. No in that there are not official plans to do so, though to be honest, there have never been any plans for 99% of the development that goes on.

The extent of our planning is a bug-tracker post saying "Wouldn't it be neat if you could..." Then ideas get thrown around, then eventually someone does it. I expect that there will be more development, though not as fast as it was. There may even be a big boost in development as more people start working on things together.

At any rate, there's a *ton* of stuff added in-game already. I admit we could probably use more quests and it seems some of the ones that are added are broken and/or the person who made them originally is gone, or if it's a RunUO default quest, noone quite knows how the quest is even supposed to work.

I'll see if I can talk to Taran and look into hiring some Counselors.

Avatar_ Wrote:Indeed... with this direct type of awnsers to mortals, who wouldnt leave? very... Pro...

This is not customer service. It's just normal interaction between people. If someone is rude they should expect the same in return.

Cana Wrote:This is not customer service. It's just normal interaction between people. If someone is rude they should expect the same in return.

Darken tends to crop up in threads where people are expressing concerns and start putting the boot in, he doesn't even play here so I don't see the need to be nice to him or put up with it. Eru's reply to him is a lot more eloquent but I just didn't have the patience, I was not intending to offend anyone else though (sorry Avatar).

As for the issue of staff/events, it's really down to Taran but let me explain what I've been trying to say:

1) We have some staff, but we can't make them work if they have other things they need/want to do.

2) In order to get new staff we need appropriate people to recruit and this is difficult for us because there aren't a lot of people around and our requirements are very stringent. Letting the wrong person loose with GM powers would be really bad, we've worked very hard to prevent cheating or corruption.

So, I'm sorry if I sound like I keep repeating the same point but there isn't much else I can do at this stage, the current staff are either working on non-player interacting things, or they are busy/not playing UO at this time. As for new staff, cannot be done without Taran and even when he was around and tried to vet a few candidates there were problems since they had a history of breaking the server rules or they weren't active enough.

Anyway, all I am saying is we're not totally ignoring the problem but I hope you guys can see it isn't as easy as all that to fix... I also still feel that constant staff-provided entertainment isn't a workable long term model either, but if we could do some thing to get the playerbase up I wouldn't object of course.

IN is dead and arguing is completely pointless. Wipe the shard.

umm no.

We do what we can, when we can... most people (including yourselves id hope) do have lives outside of IN.

i could tell you about my whole life and whats going on, and yet i make time for this game...........


Welp! I havent play here in a month or so or really said any thing on the forums but here is just a few tid bits on why and what I see.

1. The staff was mostly inactive. (this caused alot of BS over world chat and ppl geting out of hand.)

2. Events died down to only automated. ( yes we dont need events to make every one happy on some servers. But this is the server type that needs them. The server I went back to that I came from in the first place has 0 automated events and a few staff hosted events. Maybe one a month. This server has a population that spikes up to 600 players.

3. You should have removed donation items with nickles. AND static housing. To donate and to gain items and land at the same time never works out the way it should.

I would keep on but its will be pointless. It was fun while it lasted and this server does have the stuff to make it big time. It just needs some minor tweaks and fixes. GL and I hope to come back some day when its a bit more stable.

Ohh and one other thing. I would not blame the drop mainly on D3. I know alot of gamers that play uo and D3 and are pretty active in both.

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