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must i learn injection to compete in pvp?


i've never used injection before. I just cant be bothered to learn it. I barely have the spare time to jump on UO now and then. Can I get by in PvP with razor or will i be gimping myself?

i pvp with razor

Injection definitely gives some advantages (smoother walking for instance) but Razor can compete. Also people overlook some of Razor's best features - great counters which can be customised to count our custom items such as mana potions and invis potions, user friendly macros which can also be used to make pvp hotkeys, and overhead health messages for both yourself and your opponents which helps as well.

I would make sure to run both razor.exe and the client.exe in XP SP3 compatibility with Admin permissions and Disable Desktop Composition (without this the counters don't work). Also you can set the item delay in Razor to 1 ms and disable "Smart CPU reduction" as it is entirely unnecessary on modern computers and can in fact cause lag itself. These should minimise Razor-related crashes and lag and make your macros and keys respond as quickly as possible.

Folk tales also suggest that enabled "send key to client" in your hotkeys also reduces their delay. I am not sure about this one but it can't hurt so long as you make sure the key is not also bound to something in the client options otherwise the key stroke will execute both tasks and they'll probably fail.

Lastly I advise checking the website information on the .use command, this allows you to use potions/scrolls using the .use command (you can bind a key to "say .use whatever") which gets around the fact that razor gets confused between explosion potions and mana potions (which can be bad in PvP) and may also be a bit faster and more responsive than razor macros since it is all done by the client (which is fastest).

I think with the above steps you'll be pretty much on par with injection users except for the fact that your movement will be less smooth on your own client (bear in mind this does not change your speed client-side) - you can experiment with turning on/off frameskipping (an option inside the client) which some people like to do, it can affect how the movement of your character looks to your client (again, it's all the same on the server side and to everyone else).

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