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Welcome to Imagine Nation! Type .c <texthere> to chat in game!

"Type .c <texthere> to chat in game! "

I've never understood why that is there. Would someone mind changing that?

22:21 Kreeper .c britain how bout this?
22:21 Kreeper .c test
22:22 Kreeper oh this is just stupid

Haha yeah it happens a lot, people join the web chat and think means you have to do it in there opposed to in game. *shrugs* I always thought it was rather quite simple to understand.

It was probably there from before the web side of chat was added.

15:01 DrParkinson ,c Helllo
15:01 DrParkinson .c hello
15:01 DrParkinson .c <Hi>

Maybe : "You can use the .c command in game to chat from your game client : .c message here "

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