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Casting EV's through walls/doors

Tonight I was macroing in Inc. guild house when I was killed by an EV (saw it over my corpse). I don't care that I died, as I didn't lose anything.
But how is someone (didn't see who it was) casting EV's into a locked guild house?

Not only that, I was down stairs in the basement behind a locked door. So not only have they managed to get the EV through the locked gate/door of the guild house but somehow got the EV downstairs and through another locked door... How is this even possible? :eek:

I dont know, but it sounds like it was a master at work. Hes must be very cunning... and handsome too. Big Grin

Ohhhh who might be this vicious EV caster?! *Baaaah*


This is a news for me!!!

How can it happened?

Maybe there's a way to get LOS in ur guild house =x
On IN-X sm0ke and his buddies used to cast BS on the top of my tower because they had LOS to it xD

If you're having LOS problems I feel bad for you, son.

Well yes there is a LOS issue, but it still makes no sense that a EV could be casted INSIDE a house/guild house through walls/doors. It's not the roof, it's not an open area, it's a walled off house with a roof over it. This is actually the second incident where this has happened. Plus how the hell does a EV then get downstairs and into the basement (ok that could have been sheer luck of where it was casted and it wandered down the steps) but it still does NOT explain how it then managed to open a LOCKED personal door to kill me...

If I was on a roof, or some where with no cover of a roof or walls I could see some sense in how it was possible. I realise it is a LOS issue but that doesn't make it right. Ok, it's not my call and it's up to staff but it does seem a bit of an exploit of a bug. I know you can earthquake and fire field people in smaller homes but far as I am aware, except for on a roof there isn't a way to cast EV or BS INSIDE peoples houses from the outside. Then add in that the EV got from one upstairs room, into another downstairs and then through a SECOND locked door, it just doesn't seem right to me.

M'kay. Getting an EV downstairs is easy. You can cast EV from the public area near the bank box and vendors and drop it on the other side of the iron fence. From there you just lure it towards the stairs and then hide.

I'm not sure about getting past the locked door in the basement.

Maybe test it, could of maybe been a direct cast. Stand where you were and have some try this many times.

Here's another clear case of player greifing , how surprising.

If you ask nicely, the GMs might add LOS blockers to the fence so you don't have to change the style of your static.

it tells you the name of the person who pked you doesnt it? someone got me in my house ....somehow... and the bounty pop up came up telling me who killed me.

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