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hi iv tried everything now .. repatched IN launcher a hundred times now rinstalled razor loads of times reinstalled the full game and everything 5 times, i already have a char on here and as you can see by an earlier post i had the same problem with UO where it just freezes on verifying account, I assumed the server was down when it first happened and left it a few hours and it worked again, it did this again 4 days ago so i assumed the server was down again ... now its been 4 days and still freezing... any1 know what i can do!? thx in advance ! appreiciayte help

have you checked the ip on razor?
is there any other computer you can try?
are you running razor with admin privileges?
Maybe this would help =x

sureley the ip on razor wouldnt change ? ... and no i cant try on a nothercomp Sad iv even tried reinstalling razor

if you want i can check it out on teamviewer... let me know

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