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What are you gaming on? Post your "Rig"


386SX @16MHz (25MHz with turbo button)
SVGA display adapter
2 button joystick

How you even remembered those turbo buttons , it was so way back ;p My 486 rocked. Doom1, Wolfenstein ! These were games ;p People barely had PC's these days but it wasn't any cool to have one either.. Around the company of 7-8y.o. kids that I kept those days I mean. We were more into sega mega drive ;p

And my cousin who was telling me how much these suck in reality. He was dreaming of p1 133mhz those days... Eh, good times ;p

That's pretty much how my 2nd PC was. I used it for quite a while and I had to learn to get the best out of it. I even ran Ultima 7 and the 1st command&conquer with it for a while. Good times indeed. When I got it, that's when I first picked up qbasic and started programming. Game consoles were fun but they didn't have the possibility to mod your game as heavily as PC games. I remember making little cheats for games that added lives instead of subtracting them on death or gave you unlimited health. I've always been more of a modder than gamer :p

I just listed those specs since my power source blew up few weeks ago and I don't have a working desktop PC right now. I guess I'll eventually build a new one and probably put the specs here. I haven't constructed a PC from parts in a long time so it'll take some research and I haven't had the time for it yet.

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