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What are you gaming on? Post your "Rig"

Yes it really do a difference but the size is still a big problem. If you can have a second hd for storage it is a must have for any new computer i think..

ya i run on 2 hdd atm i think it would work perfectly for me

Lol ;p all your propaganda about SDD...

Made me go and buy SSD 128 Gb SATA 6Gb/s Corsair Performance Pro Series 2.5"+3.5"

128gb is not exactly what I wanted , but well works to test it out... Going to install OS today.

Oh man. I bought a 256gb SSD a few weeks ago and it was like I got a brand new computer. It's just amazing

Gang Wrote:Lol ;p all your propaganda about SDD...

Made me go and buy SSD 128 Gb SATA 6Gb/s Corsair Performance Pro Series 2.5"+3.5"

128gb is not exactly what I wanted , but well works to test it out... Going to install OS today.

Well after everything installed on my 128gb , (Visual studio , sql and usual softwares..) i have 63gb left so i think if i put all my data in storage it should be fine.. 128gb is not a lot but it's just for your cache , windows and frequent apps hehe..

I've just been using a 10K RPM Western Digital raptor drive for OS/Programs with a 5400RPM 2TB drive for storing crap on.

I was thinking of getting an SSD, but I'm not entirely convinced they're worth the price. At any rate, I won't be buying any new HDDs for a few months still since the prices are still super inflated because of the floods in Thailand.

They are.

change my dualcore e6300 to athlon x3(unlocked Phenom x4)
all other same(4gb ram 2x500gb hdd, later buy ssd, video not very good buy for Tanks ok)

Is SSD really worth it?! i mean, does it increase gaming performance?!
Currently i have:
i7 2,93ghz
8gb ddr3
geforce gtx 460 oc

I wonder if buying a SSD would enhance my gaming experience =x What is the SSD main attribute? speed? what if im already running a game, will it load and run faster?

I have searched a while on the internet and saw some videos on youtube and the only thing that changes in games is the loading time.. no changes on fps... so guess ill keep my HDD since im patient Tongue

The draw of SSD is that they read a lot faster than normal hard drives, so things that are very disk-read intensive get sped up. One of the main bottle-necks of a computer is the hard drive, so increasing read speed loads programs faster and makes the OS boot really fast.

The reason I don't really see it as a benefit is that with my 10K RPM drive, most of my games load within a second or two and I reboot my OS once per week at most, so the only time I'd really be seeing the benefits would be shaving a half-second off a loading screen or making my computer boot up a little faster very rarely. Tongue

I'll wait until they're on equal pricing with normal drives probably.

Tillverkare Intel
Modell Core i7, 3770K
Antal kärnor 4 st
Hastighet 3.5 GHz, 8MB Cache
Tillverkare Nvidia
Modell GeForce GTX 690, Kepler
Hastighet 915 MHz, Dubbla GPU-kärnor
Minne 4096 MB, (2x2048MB)
Storlek 240 GB, Corsair Force Series SSD (systemdisk)
Storlek 2000 GB, Samsung lagringsdisk (5400rpm)
Anslutning SATA
Storlek 16 GB, 2x8192MB
Minnestyp DDR3 1600Mhz, Corsair VENGANCE
Lediga minnesplatser 2 st
Maximal minnesstorlek 16 GB
Bluetooth Nej
Modem Nej
Nätverk Ja, 2st 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Trådlöst nätverk Ja
VGA-utgång Nej
HDMI-utgång Ja, 2st
DVI-utgång Ja, 4st
DisplayPort-utgång Nej
USB 2.0 8 st, varav 2 på framsidan
USB 3.0 2 st
Firewire-port Nej
eSATA-port 1 st
Parallellport Nej
Seriellport Nej
PS2-port Ja
TV-utgång (S-VHS) Nej
Bredd 230 mm
Djup 496 mm
Höjd 480 mm
Vikt 20 kg
Optisk enhet Ja, DVD±RW (+R Dual Layer)
Moderkort MSI Z77A-S01, SLI-stöd
Ljudkort Ja, Realtek ALC892 7.1
Minneskortläsare Nej
Kabinett Taurus HAF Miditower
Nätaggregat 900W, Antec
Operativsystem Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Övrigt Corsair Cooling Hydro H80 CPU-kylare
Garanti 2 år
3DMark Vantage 39139 poäng, Performance
3DMark 2011 13939 poäng, Performance

As a developer, I guess I see the benefits more often. Im opening and closing things (especially VS) non-stop and now it's practically instant while still keeping my computer relatively silent.

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