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What's the reasoning behind this?

[Image: PqORG.jpg]

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to create a town for new players like what was already suggested here on the forum?

yeah a town would be cool

but at least move this sign which looks like it was just plopped down. At least have new players spawned at the Inn in Britain

this looks messy IMO

This was a quick fix by a staff member that doesn't have the power to change spawn location to new players, it helped for the time being!!

Yep, I apologize for such unelegant solution, but I don't think I can change a point where just-created characters appear ingame, and thats all I have access to. Many young never heard anything about the skillstone at all...

It was in some corner, right besides of a lot of other stones, so 95% never used it unless they were told to. It wasn't a problem before, because the skill-gump appeared automatically as soon as character was created, but because of tool-tips it doesn't anymore, so I thought I'd do at least something ;p

I created a new character a few times recently, since the tool tips window was implemented..

and I still got the Gump for skilll selection..
maybe its just because i already have a character who knows..
anyways just around for a few minutes thought i would share that, maybe i read your post wrong

But its a quick fix atleast so good job Smile

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