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Role-playing here

How's the RP here? What's it like? What's being done to support it?

I've read through some threads and the rules on the main page, and it seems like RPers are harassed and nothing's done about it. Is this still the case, if it ever was?

Are there still plenty of RPers around doing stuff? How fun is the shard in that regard?

To give you an idea, we're caught in an impasse when it comes to UO servers. They're either too PK/PvP oriented where there's nothing more than 2-1-drops or the RP is so enforced that you can't sneeze without getting permission from a GM that it's in your character's personality to do so.

What about pirates/privateers and seafaring?

Feel free to hit me up. We like PvP, holding festivals and events, and looting people.

i've never been harassed for RP here.

There is some support for RP. If you're an RP guild you can apply for RP items or skin changes. For instance Vampire or Elf skin color.

There are role-players here but not enough yet to create strong story-lines between guilds.

how many do you have in your clan? I think a pirate guild would work out well here.

We have 3-4 right now. We usually pick up a few wherever we go, though. Most of us have quit UO for good (if not all of us), but circumstances mean we're separated and bored and need something to do together in the mean time. We do everything RP - festivals, events, PvP, RP wars, politics, tavern sitting, etc.

R.I.P is slowly working their RP part

What's going in the RP community here right now?

If you want to RP you will have my support and the support of many others, but youll have to accept that there are those who dont RP here as well. From what Ive seen many RPers have been overzealous about RP and its enforcement. imo if they simply enjoyed RP for RPs sake I think they would have had more fun and been more successful in their RP.

I've dealt with non-RPers a lot for a long time, and often times appreciate them more because of the very reasons you describe. At the same time, however, if there isn't much RP interest then RP seems to be just between two or three people, and that's sort of a waste when the point is community-wide RP and plots and events.

ya we had an RPA (role players association.) but it seems that some of the people in it have left or what have you so its kind of died off for the time being

I enjoy RP and im part of a RP guild of elves merchants, also you can obtain unique newbied items as part of your RP, all them with the cosmetic purpose only, but still very nice!! Worth enough to work on it ;D

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